How to fix the “servers not responding” error in Fortnite

You may have to wait a little longer before you deploy back to the island.

Image via Epic Games

From its Battle Royale modes to Creative, Fortnite’s servers will need to be online for players to access any of its features. Unfortunately, they do deal with problems every so often, as the game can be affected by errors or downtime. For instance, players are spotting a “servers not responding” message when booting into its title screen, an error that essentially halts them from jumping into a match. Here’s what this error means and how it can be fixed in Fortnite.

What is the “servers not responding” error in Fortnite?

The “servers not responding” error typically points to a global server outage or ongoing maintenance ahead of a major update. If this is the case, all players will be unable to enter any of Fortnite’s modes. You can check to see if the servers are currently down by visiting the Fortnite Status Twitter page. It usually notifies players just minutes after servers begin to deal with any issues, and can provide times for when they are expected to back online.

If the Twitter account does not pick up any relevant problems, it is also worth checking Fortnite’s Server Status page on Epic Games’ website. The page details all ongoing errors and which game modes are affected by them. If Fortnite is dealing with downtime before the release of an update, you will find an “Under Maintenance” next to each mode and feature listed.

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Those unable to spot any current server issues may need to check their internet connection. A weak or lost connection can also stop players from getting into the game, so resetting your router may remove this pesky error message. However, some may find it best to contact Fortnite’s Support team directly. If there is no indication of a widespread problem, they can lend additional solutions to help you get past the error message.