Is the Hawkmoon exotic in Destiny 2?

The beast is still around.

Image via Bungie

The Hawkmoon is one of the original exotics from the first Destiny game, and it took some time to make its way over to Destiny 2. It appeared in 2020 during the Season of the Hunt, which also introduced Crow, the resurrected version of Uldren Sov, the infamous character who killed Cayde-6. You had to complete an exotic quest called Let Loose Thy Talons. However, the exotic quest is no longer available. With the quest unavailable, is the Hawkmoon exotic still in Destiny 2?

Where can you find the Hawkmoon exotic in Destiny 2?

With the Let Loose Thy Talons quest no longer available following the end of Season of the Hunt, there’s only one way for you to obtain the Hawkmoon in Destiny 2: Xur. You can find it on Xur’s second vendor page. It will have a specific perk available to it, and you can buy it any time while playing the game, so long as Xur has appeared.

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Xur will only appear in Destiny 2 from Friday to Tuesday. He disappears every week when Destiny 2 goes through its reset on Tuesday afternoon and reappears on Friday afternoon. His location switches each time, meaning if you found him in the Tower last week, he will appear elsewhere. We recommend tracking his movements before going out to look for him. However, he can only appear in a handful of locations, which makes finding him much easier.

Unlike other exotics, the Hawkmoon will have a different perk attached to it while on Xur’s vendor. It’s a good idea to grab this exotic if you have not already purchased it, but you might want to try a version of it with a desirable perk, such as Opening Shot, Rangefinder, Surplus, or Moving Target.