Is Hawkmoon in Destiny 2

The beast is coming back.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

One question that is going to be constant until the weapon actually arrives is whether or not Hawkmoon is in Destiny 2. The answer, this week, is no. It is not, but that could all change soon.

Hawkmoon, the infamous Hand Cannon from the original Destiny has been confirmed to be returning, we just don’t know when, or where, or how. We do know that is part of Season of the Hunt, not Beyond Light, so you will more than likely need the season pass to get it, but other than that it is just a big mystery right now.

New Exotics tend to arrive in three ways. Either with a quest that you need to complete, as part of a storyline where you get the Exotic while playing through the mission, or as part of a complex new area that will make you want to bounce your head off the Traveller.

Examples of this included the Outbreak Perfected and the Whisper of the Worm, both of which required you to finish a challenging area to get the Exotic in question, and Hawkmoon could very well be falling into this category.

If you don’t quite know what Hawkmoon is, then this means you more than likely were not playing in the Crucible in the original game. Hawkmoon was the ultimate gambler’s choice in PvP. Thanks to the Holding Aces Perk, two of the bullets in any magazine would do considerably more damage, leading to potential two-shot kills if you got lucky.

It was infuriating to be absolutely obliterated when it happened to you, but the best feeling in the world when you did it to someone else. We don’t think the weapon will returning with that perk intact, but we can live in a mix of fear and hope that it does.

We will be using this article to keep track of Hawkmoon rumors, so make sure you double back to check if anything has changed, Guardian.