Is Liga MX in FIFA 23? Answered

What about the best that Mexican clubs have to offer?

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FIFA 23 includes all of the major football associations from around the world, like the LaLiga, Bundesliga, and English Premier League. EA Sports also made sure to include other notable leagues from around the world, including the top football association in the United States, Major League Soccer. But, is the top league from Mexico, the Liga MX, also a part of FIFA 23? We have an answer to that question, so let’s go over what you need to know.

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Is Liga MX in FIFA 23?

Unfortunately for fans of the Liga MX and any of its teams, the association is not a part of FIFA 23. FIFA 23 does include the member teams, as well as branding for Major League Soccer (MLS). However, professional leagues in Canada and Mexico are not in FIFA 23, thus leaving the MLS as the only major North American-based league in this year’s game.

This means that the likes of defending champion Atlas, Monterrey, and Tijuana are not in FIFA 23. Even though some major teams are a part of the ‘Rest of the World’ group, none of the Liga MX fall in to this category.

It’s unclear to whether Liga MX will be added to FIFA 23 at some point, or in the future when EA Sports re-brands the franchise as EA Sports FC. However, it’s probably unlikely that the major Mexican football league will be added to FIFA 23 this year. EA has made it publicly known as of this writing that it intends to add new leagues to FIFA 23.