Is Rumbleverse pay-to-win? Answered

Enjoy Rumbleverse without needing to pay up.

Image via Iron Galaxy

Rumbleverse is a melee-focused battle royale game that launched immediately free-to-play. With no price tag to speak of, you may wonder where developer Iron Galaxy intends to profit from their creation and if that payment method will include pay-to-win micro-transactions or other financially-dependent mechanics. Fortunately, this outcome will not likely be the case.

Will Rumbleverse feature pay-to-win mechanics?

Image via Epic Games

In short, Rumbleverse will not be pay-to-win, and will not include in-app purchases that impact the outcome of games. While the game adopts a freemium business model, Iron Galaxy has expressed its intention for paid rewards to be exclusively cosmetic. These rewards range from mix-and-match accessories and outfits to item packs and collections.

Also included in Rumbleverse’s growing list of premium content is its battle pass. This pass, like those of other modern live-service games, rewards players with unique unlockable cosmetic items as they play and progress through its battle royale gamemode. No rewards included in the pass provide any tangible in-game benefit to gameplay.

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It’s worth noting that Rumbleverse will include a premium-only currency. Known as Brawlla Bills, they will be usable in Rumbleverse’s cosmetic item store. Brawlla Bills must be bought and cannot be obtained through gameplay.

For example, ten dollars will buy around 1,100 Brawlla Bills, with the battle pass costing approximately 1,000 bills to start. Progression in the battle pass can also be purchased, with the first 20 tiers of the pass able to be skipped for around 2,400 Brawlla Bills.