The Callisto Protocol’s content roadmap has more gore in store with Hardcore Mode and story DLC

The nightmare isn’t over.

Image via Krafton

The Callisto Protocol is out now. Reviews aren’t exactly stellar (and here we thought that its leaked gameplay would be the scariest thing for developer Striking Distance), but there are plans for a bunch of post-launch additions.

The game’s official Twitter account has shared the roadmap, promising “six months of content.” Things kick off on February 7, 2023, with the addition of New Game+ and Hardcore Mode. “More details” on those additions are “coming soon,” but it sounds like the two should pair together nicely. A harder mode probably demands replaying the game with previously unlocked upgrades. We actually knew about the other four pieces of DLC already: they were described as part of the season pass, which was included in premium editions of the game.

The first of those, the Outer Way skin collection, arrives the same day as New Game+ and Hardcore Mode, which are going to be free for everyone. After that, we’ll then see releases of the Contagion Bundle in March, the Riot Bundle sometime in spring, and the story content at some point over the summer. The Contagion Bundle has already gained a bit of infamy, as it touts 13 brand new ways to brutally murder protagonist Jacob as part of its content. It also adds Contagion Mode, a harder difficulty with modifiers that also sound appropriate for Hardcore Mode. We’ll have to wait to hear what distinguishes them from one another. As for the Riot Bundle, its highlight is Riot Mode, which will pit players against waves of enemies.

The Callisto Protocol is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Its combat can get very intense, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll teach you how to heal your wounds, how to dodge enemy attacks, and how to sneak around the Jupiter prison colony without getting caught.