Is the Fallout 1st subscription worth it? – Answered

Less to worry about in the wasteland.

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As time progresses and more content is added to Fallout 76, Fallout 1st becomes a more enticing subscription service to add to your daily life. As more updates roll out for the game, more benefits of Fallout 1st have popped up and it might have you questioning whether or not you should give in and get that private server that comes with every Fallout 1st membership. Are all of the benefits of the subscription really worth it though?

Fallout 1st benefits

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There is a list of benefits that comes with every Fallout 1st subscription. Whether you are a fan who plays the game every day, or someone who hops on once a week, you can reap the rewards of the membership. When you sign up for Fallout 1st, you gain the following benefits:

  • Private WorldsPlay in a private world with up to seven of your friends. This is a great way to get loot that you would otherwise miss out on in a public server.
  • Scrapbox – The Scrapbox is a storage container that automatically scraps all of your junk and holds it. It also has unlimited space so you no longer need to waste room in your Stash for junk.
  • Survival Tent – Survival Tents are miniature camps that you can place in the world that come with a Stash and basic survival needs.
  • Atoms – Atoms are the currency needed to buy items from the Atomic Shop. Atomic Shop items are mostly cosmetic and are usually nice ways to spiff up your C.A.M.P or your character. With the subscription, you get 1,650 Atoms per month.
  • Ranger Outfit – The Ranger Armor Outfit is an iconic Fallout outfit that you get for being a member.
  • Icons & Emotes – For joining Fallout 1st, you get a bonus emote and icons pack.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that you get for joining Fallout 1st. The cost of this membership is $12.99 USD each month or $99.99 for 12 months. With the cost of a monthly membership being just over $13.00 with tax, the Atoms alone are a decent deal. The standard price that Bethesda asks for 1,100 Atoms is $9.99, putting the Fallout 1st membership cost at roughly the price it would cost to the Atoms each month.

Other benefits

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Despite not mentioning it in the Fallout 1st description, Bethesda has added more benefits to the subscription service in their various updates. With the release of the seasons, members can benefit from getting more S.C.O.R.E for completing the various activities around the map. This will help you get through the Scoreboard faster. Members also get more items from the scoreboard. These items are typically small stuff like emotes, skins, bonus Atoms, and Nuclear Keycards. Great items, however, if you are someone who plays the game frequently.

Is Fallout 1st worth it?

Image via Bethesda

Thanks to all the benefits that Bethesda has included, we think that Fallout 1st is worth the cost if you are someone who is going to stick around in the game. Unfortunately, the value just isn’t there if you are someone who only plays the game once a month. After all, most of the benefits are either in-game or come through playing the seasons. If you aren’t participating in the events, you aren’t getting the full benefit of the subscription.