Is the Season One battle pass worth it in Diablo Immortal?

Should you throw your gold at this?

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With every game that gets a battle pass, it is up to the player to decide if that purchase is worth it or not to them. There is a lot to consider when doing that, though. For starters, is the battle pass filled with enough good items to make the purchase worthwhile? Also, will you be playing enough to earn as many of those items as possible before it expires? With Diablo Immortal releasing, we have another new contender in the battle pass arena. Here is our take on whether or not purchasing the Empowered Battle Pass is worth it.

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Is the Season One battle pass in Diablo Immortal worth it?

The Diablo Immortal Empowered Battle Pass will only be worth the purchase if you are dedicated to the game like most battle passes are. It is a bit smaller than other usual battle passes, topping out at 40 tiers. Because of that dip in content, it only costs $4.99, which is not a terrible price. The thing is, there are two cosmetic items and two emojis you can unlock during the grind. Outside of that, everything you earn will be resources for upgrades and other features in the game.

Because of the kind of game Diablo Immortal is, earning resources for various things is nice to have, but if you are not a hardcore player, it might not be something you want to put your money toward. If you are someone who will be playing the game both on your phone and PC, we highly recommend it because if you are playing that much, you will likely finish off the battle pass before it ends in July. If you are not that hardcore into the game, though, you might find the content lacking.