Is There A Fish Gun In Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep?

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep has just begun, and a rumor has players searching for an elusive Fish Gun, but is it even real?

Fish Gun Destiny 2

Fish Gun artwork by Dinesh sirvi

Destiny 2 has just entered its 21st season with the aquatic-themed Season of the Deep. Keeping up with the recent trend, this season adds even more game-changing mechanics – this time focusing on underwater exploration.

This also means plenty of marine-esque gear is up for grabs between now and August 22. However, a rumored exotic Fish Gun has guardians scratching their heads, as they haven’t been able to locate the fishy weapon or any quests hinting at its whereabouts.

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Is Destiny 2’s Fish Gun real?

The short answer is no, Destiny 2 Season of the Deep does not feature a fish gun. The “leak” from Reddit user TheOracle4882 showed the supposed weapon details page for a fish-shaped gun called Fisherman’s Folly.

While the rumor was convincing, internet detectives sleuthed out the source of the Fish Gun model: a 3D artist named Dinesh Sirvi. And to solidify the post as a farce, the 3D model was first uploaded in 2022. So much to players’ dismay, Season of the Deep doesn’t offer any guppy blasters.

However, that doesn’t rule fish out entirely from the underwater season. In fact, a recent update added fishing to Destiny 2 with a questline dedicated to the new activity. To add depth to the pastime, players can reel in 28 different fish species.

The lack of an actual Fish Gun is a bit of a bummer, especially seeing how immaculate it could have been. For example, hand cannons are some of the most entertaining weapons to use in Destiny 2, and a big mouth bass blasting shells at high speeds would have been worth any arduous task Bungie threw at players to unlock it.

That said, maybe the hype from fans surrounding even the potential of having a fishy weapon will spur the devs to introduce one in the future.