Is there romance and marriage in Harvestella? Answered

How can I NOT romance these cuties?

Image via Square Enix

Harvestella is a life simulation RPG where players awaken in a strange world during the Quietus, where deaths strike at the start of each season. As you try to figure out what’s going on, you live each day however you like: tending to your farmland, fishing, scouring the different dungeons, and fighting the monsters with allies by your side.

One of the most asked questions, whenever a new life-sim is released is if there’s romance involved. After all, the game is a life simulation and there are a ton of good-looking characters in the cast that players will no doubt be swooning for. However, developer Square Enix has been very quiet on that front so it’s left many players wondering, is there romance and marriage in Harvestella?

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Does Harvestella have romance?

The short answer is yes, Harvestella does have romance according to the Japanese interviews about the game, whose answers were translated by a community member. Following in the footsteps of Stardew Valley, Rune Factory 5, and the remake of Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, you can fall in love with whoever you want regardless of gender. There is one giant catch though. You can’t romance the characters until you’ve done one thing: complete the game’s main story. After completing the game’s main story, you’ll need to raise an NPC’s intimacy level. This is done by interacting with and doing missions for them.

After maxing out their intimacy, you will trigger an event with that character where they’ll ask to live with you. Whoever you decide to live with will become your life partner. This is the game’s romance and strangely, marriage. While you don’t get to hold a big ceremony as you would in other games, at least you get to wake up to them every day.