Lies of P Level Up Guide: How to Level Up & All Stats Explained

Leveling up, Stargazers and all stats in Lies of P explained, all in one place.

Lies of P Level Up

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Leveling up is a crucial RPG element, and skill point allocation is standard. However, Lies of P draws heavily from previous Soulslike games and even gives the leveling-up mechanic its own spin. The result is a highly controversial mechanic that you either love or hate, but regardless of your feelings toward it, you’ll have to learn how to use it.

How to Level Up in Lies of P

Use Stargazers Lies of P
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In Lies of P, leveling up requires two things: Ergo, the in-game currency, and Stargazers, a weird light-blue device. Ergo is earned by defeating enemies or even selling items. Yes, in essence, EXP and Money are one in this game. But to make matters easier for you, there are two types of Ergo:

  • Basic Ergo is obtained from regular enemies. Use it to enhance your character or purchase items.
  • Special Ergo is rarer and often obtained from boss battles, so it’s best saved for leveling up due to its scarcity.

Just like in other Soulslike games, if you perish, you drop your Ergo, and it’s only recoverable if you can return to the spot of your demise without meeting the same fate. 

Stargazer Explained Lies of P
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To level upvisit Stargazers early on, but once you’ve advanced to Hotel Krat, speak with Sophia near the grand Stargazer to enhance your abilities. The Stargazers double as teleportation points.

When you level up, your stat increases depending on your equipment. Here’s how it works:

  • Your primary weapon (arm) affects Motivity or Technique.
  • Your Legion ability influences Advances.
  • Your chosen equipment can impact your capacity and other stats.

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Consider your playstyle and preferred weapon types when allocating stat points. Stamina (Vigor) is an excellent all-around investment, enhancing your overall mobility.

Keep in mind that you can always respec your character with Sofia’s help in the full game.

Lies of P: All Stats Explained

Level up Stats in Lies of P
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Lies of P StatWhat It Stands For
VitalityVitality is all about your health. The higher your vitality, the more hits you can take before meeting your end. You can also invest in Guard Regain to recover health during combat.
VigorVigor represents your stamina, which fuels your actions in the game. Whether sprinting, dodging, or using unique abilities, a higher vigor stat means you can do more before running out of breath.
CapacityCapacity determines how much weight you can carry without being encumbered. It’s essential for managing your inventory and equipment. Remember that your arm (weapon) and Legion (extraordinary ability) can also affect capacity.
MotivityMotivity enhances the power of strength-based weapons. If you prefer wielding hefty weapons like greatswords or hammers, invest in motility to boost your damage output.
TechniqueThe technique improves your dexterity and accuracy, making it ideal for characters who favor agile and precise weapons like rapiers or bows.
AdvancesAdvances influence your magical abilities and elemental status effects. It’s crucial if you plan to harness the power of magic or use elemental attacks effectively.