Madden 22: How to unlock abilities in The Yard

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Screenshot from Gamepur

Each class in The Yard has three abilities, plus a Superstar X-Factor. While these abilities can be very effective to use, these won’t be available right away. You will need to unlock all three abilities, plus the Superstar X-Factor, in order to use these special boosts in The Yard. So, how do you do just that? Let’s go over what you need to in order to unlock abilities.

In order to unlock the Superstar X-Factor ability for a particular class, you must use it and go up to Level 2. We have a more detailed guide on how to level up in The Yard, in case you have trouble with that.

The Yard players do have the option to edit the Superstar X-Factor, but in order to do so, you must reach Level 20 for that class. Level 20 is the max level for each class.

Now in order to unlock the three abilities, you must progress in levels, much like with the X-Factors. The first ability unlocks at Level 7. The second ability can be unlocked when you hit Level 11. And finally, the third ability slot will be unlocked at Level 19.

Abilities add an extra boost to your character, as mentioned previously. So, make sure to grind through online and offline campaign events in order to progress the character’s classes.