Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Best Early Skills to Unlock (Shared, Peter, & Miles)

Get a head start in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with our expert advice on unlocking the best early skills for Peter, Miles, and shared Spider-Man.


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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has more content and features than its previous titles, including more suits to find and skills for players to use and unlock as they play.

Unlike the first game, you now have multiple skill trees for both the Peter Parker and Miles Morales versions of the web-swinging hero. To help you pick up the most useful and worthwhile skill early in the game, we’ve put together this guide with details on what early skills you should get in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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Best Shared Spider-Man Skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Below, we have listed the shared skills we think you should unlock as soon as possible in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as they will provide the biggest help in both combat and traversal. These shared skills are for both Peter and Miles and come from the shared skill tree.

Combo ResupplyThis skill gives you a chance to get a free gadget use after finishing a 4-hit combo, and with how much you will be using gadgets, this is a no-brainer.
Web WhipThis skill allows you to disarm an opponent by holding Triangle and pressing R1. Doing so will also whip the weapon back at the opponent with some force so that you can do some damage too, and any chance to disarm an enemy is always worthwhile.
Air SwapThis allows you to swap positions and get behind an airborne enemy by pressing a circle, letting you continue your air combo, which you will likely be doing a lot, so having a way to keep that going and reduce your time on the group is a worthwhile choice.
Perfect DodgeThis passive upgrade will recharge your abilities a little whenever you pull off a perfect dodge, which is done when you perform a dodge at the last second and shoot web at the enemy.
Web ThrowThis skill allows you to throw enemies that are webbed up, electrified, or Venom-Stunned by holding Triangle, and trust us, you will be webbing and wanting to throw enemies a lot, so this is a great option.
Bounce UpThis skill will have you hold Triangle in the air to throw an enemy down with force to have them bounce back off the ground, giving you a chance to keep your air combo going, which, like Air Swap, is a worthwhile skill to get sooner rather than later.
Corner TetherBy holding Circle and using the left analog stick, you can zip around a building and make traversal a little easier.
KO RechargeThis skill is a little later in the skill tree, but it is a good one to mention. This recharges your abilities slightly when you KO, stealth takedown, or finisher, and any way to get more of your powerful abilities is a must.
Heavy LiftingLike KO Recharge, this comes a little later but still should be picked up when you can. This allows you to throw Brute enemies who are webbed up, electrified, and Venom-stunned, and they can be thrown around with Directional Web Yanks.

Best Peter Spider-Man Skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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We think you should unlock these skills as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in the early game. Unlike the shared skill tree, there are fewer options here, so it’s only a few skills to worry about.

Spider RushThis skill sees Peter fly forward toward enemies and damage everyone in his path, which is done by holding L1 and pressing Triangle. Later, this can be upgraded to make a tornado to pull enemies in and web up the first few you hit, making this a great skill to grab early in the game.
Spider ShockBy pressing L1 and Circle, this skill will shoot electrified webs into several enemies and stun them, making them vulnerable to attack and preventing them from attack.

Best Miles Spider-Man Skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Lastly, these are the skills we recommend for Mile’s Spider-Man, and like Peter’s, it’s a smaller list than the shared skill tree, so you only need to worry about a few choice skills here.

Venom JumpPress L1 and X, and this skill launches enemies in an area up into the air, and Venom-stuns them, giving you a chance to start some big air combos and mitigate too many enemies surrounding you.
Venom Jump: MasteryNothing too flashy with this skill, but it’s helpful if you mess up when using Venom Jump, as this skill will start the skill’s recharge at 50% if you only hit one enemy, making those misclicks or uses a little less painful.
Venom Punch: Concentrated ForceThis improves upon the Venom Punch skill you get at the beginning of the game and gives the attach a cone from the main target, so you can hit everyone caught in its area. Combine this with the Web Grabber to group enemies together, and you have a winning combination.