Metroid Dread – Dairon Missile+ Tank Speed Booster puzzle guide

Wall jumps are the way.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread’s Speed Booster puzzles can be tricky. All you need to do is reach max speed with the Speed Booster and sprint or Shinespark into a single Speed Booster block, and you’ll clear them all, opening the path to whatever prize your pursuing. But that’s easier said than done sometimes.

One of the trickiest of these puzzles is found in Dairon, in the small non-EMMI section that connects two parts of the EMMI Zone proper. There’s a Missile+ Tank there for you to snag if you can figure out how. If you can’t, then read on to learn the solution.

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, head to the area in question – refer to the screenshot above if you’re unsure where to go. Start from below the Ammo Recharge Station and sprint to the right, using a wall jump to keep momentum and pull a U-turn. Slide through the Speed Booster blocks here and do a series of wall jumps on the other side, letting your momentum carry you around the bend. When done correctly, this will lead you right through the set of blocks that house a Missile+ Tank.

Congrats on your higher ammo count. That was one of 12 Missile Expansions in Dairon, so if you want to know how to find the rest, check out this handy guide.