Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fans Tired Of Grass Ghost Types Following Poltchageist Reveal

Regular tea is no matcha for this Pokemon!

With new DLC comes new Pokemon. However, in this specific case, it seems we won’t be seeing any new type combos. While ghost types certainly are interesting, especially from a story perspective, the balance of dual types variety is constantly in flux with each new generation. Now it seems we have a bit of a surplus with this latest reveal: Poltchageist.

For fans of matcha tea, this one is a delight. Themed after Polteageist, the tea Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield, this new form introduces a typing that we already know and love well enough: Grass/Ghost. There are plenty of Pokemon that fit the bill for this typing, especially in recent generations. Now fans are wondering, is this tipping the scale? How many Ghost/Grass Pokemon are there now?

Fans Hold Mixed Response for Poltchageist

GameFreak has recently announced a new Pokemon coming with the latest DLC: the Grass/Ghost type Poltchageist. It’s designed with matcha tea in mind, using the powder to seal cracks, encourage good manners, and carry out the wishes of its previous owner. The cute introduction video shows us the many sides of this playful but stubborn Ghost Pokemon that we’ll be catching next update. However, fans are a bit torn at the reveal.

Another Ghost/Grass mon? It seems people are starting to notice the trend of Ghost-type Pokemon appearing everywhere. With the reveal of Pokemon like Greavard and another form of Zorua, it seems that Ghost is the flavor of the season. With two Ghost/Grass types already out there, what’s a third one? Some say three’s a crowd, so maybe this will be the last Ghost that haunts our plants for a while.

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Fans have a bit of a split concerning the new Pokemon Poltchageist. On one hand, the new design is cute, and the reference to matcha tea specifically is delightful. However, having another repeat of Ghost/Grass typing when we could have had something groundbreaking is a tiny letdown. Still, with the DLC arriving soon, there is always room for more Pokemon to break that ground and give us some dual typings we’ve never seen before.