MLB The Show 21: How to complete Diamond Bruce Sutter Player Program

35K towards the 2nd Inning.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As we move closer to the end of the 2nd Inning Program, San Diego Studios has released yet another Player Program to aid players’ progress toward the event. Just a few days after a Player Program featuring Fred McGriff was released, a new one focused around Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Bruce Sutter is now live. MLB The Show 21 players now have a chance to acquire a new 88 OVR reliever that possesses a killer splitter, and 35,000 XP towards the 2nd Inning Program.

So, what do you need to do in order to complete Sutter’s program? Let’s go over the Program.

To complete the Sutter program, MLB The Show players will need to acquire 50 Points towards it. This is much like the Huston Street and Fred McGriff programs that have gone live in recent weeks.

There are multiple paths towards the 50 Point mark, but this is arguably the quickest path towards it:

  • Complete six Moments for the Player Program (42 Points)
  • Defeat the Chicago Cubs on min. All-Star Difficulty (8 Points)

You won’t need to bother with the Exchange for this one, so long as you complete all six Moments. However, if you need to grind out wins in Events, consider passing on beating the Cubs in Play vs. CPU.

There are two other missions that you could complete in lieu of defeating the Cubs: tally one save with a Cubs pitcher or tally 15 strikeouts with RPs in online play (Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events). The latter is not as specific, so you might want to consider banging out that one, and if you do so, you will earn 10 Points towards the Player Program.

One last tip for the Sutter Program: once you complete it, make sure to go to the 2nd Inning Program Collections and add the 88 OVR Sutter card to his specific collection.