MLB The Show 21: How to complete Milestone Billy Williams Player program

Stubs and XP in your pocket.

On July 2, San Diego Studios kicked off the 4th Inning Program for MLB The Show 21. This program includes several big rewards, including two Kitchen Sink Choice packs, a Boss Choice pack featuring three 99 OVR cards, and a 90+ OVR Live Series pack. To make the grind a little bit easier, SDS released a new Player program for the 4th Inning Program on July 9. A new 95 OVR Milestone Billy Williams is up for grabs, as MLB The Show players can not only pick up a card than can be used towards the Mariano Rivera collection, but also receive 35,000 XP upon completing the program.

So, how can you complete this program? Let’s go over what you need to do.

To complete the Billy Williams program, MLB The Show players will need to acquire 50 Points towards it. This is much like the Juan Marichal and Dave Parker programs that went live during the 3rd Inning Program.

There are multiple paths towards the 50 Point mark, but this is arguably the quickest path towards it:

  • Complete six Moments for the Player Program (42 Points and 2200 Stubs)
  • Defeat the Chicago Cubs on min. All-Star Difficulty (8 Points)

Alternatively, you could complete one of the other two Missions (tally five extra base hits with right fielders or three home runs with Cubs players in online play (Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events)) in lieu of the last bullet point.

If you complete this program in its entirety, you will also receive an additional 1500 Stubs and three MLB The Show 21 standard packs, in addition to the Milestone Williams card.

One last tip for the Williams Program: once you complete it, make sure to go to the 4th Inning Program Collections and add the 95 OVR Williams card to his specific collection. You will receive 35,000 XP, plus another 1000 Stubs for completing this collection.