Modern Warfare 3 Daily Challenges Not Working [Explained]

The Modern Warfare 3 daily challenges are not updating properly, and here’s what we know about what’s causing the issue.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

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Challenges are a huge part of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gameplay cycle, and they’re a great way for you to level up your account. However, these challenges don’t always work, and many players have reported that challenges are not being properly tracked.

It’s a common issue for the Daily Challenges to not work in Modern Warfare 3, enough so players have been trying to find the solution. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mixed answers, and not everyone is quite clear on what’s happening. Here’s what you need to know about what you can do to possibly fix your daily challenges from not working in Modern Warfare 3.

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Can You Fix Your Daily Challenges From Not Working in Modern Warfare 3?

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The best way to fix daily challenges not working is to try restarting your Modern Warfare 3 application and reconnecting to the game. This error appears to be a server issue on Activision’s side, and they may need to update things on their end for the daily challenges to begin working. Several players have reported a problem, and none of their progress is being tracked, while others have shared that this is not the case and everything is working fine.

The Modern Warfare 3 community is split on the issue, but one thing is clear: there’s a problem. Because of the way daily challenges work, it’s very likely a server issue, which means you won’t be able to do anything from your side. Server issues have also been known to cause other issues, like XP Tokens not working correctly. You can only wait until Activision does something on their side to correct this issue and allow profiles to begin tracking their daily challenges progress.

Some players have shared that although their daily challenges have not been tracked, they can still complete challenges on their profile. Unfortunately, this is not a uniform truth for everyone. The best thing for you to do now is try resetting your Modern Warfare 3 application to see if it corrects the issue or wait for the developers to adjust the servers.

Hopefully, after a few hours, the servers should correct themselves, and the daily challenges should begin to show on your screen. If you’re still struggling to get the daily challenges working on your end, it might be a good idea to reach out to the Modern Warfare 3 support team to see if they can assist you.