Modern Warfare 3 – Every Map & Gameplay Mode

Modern Warfare 3 is jam-packed with that classic Call of Duty goodness. Here’s every map and mode available to play as of launch.

Modern Warfare 3 is going to be more expansive than ever before.

Image via Activision.

It’s the age of Modern Warfare 3 and there’s a lot to be excited about. All new guns, the return of iconic maps, and an opportunity to revisit some of the Call of Duty’s most-storied experiences. The list of info keeps growing every day as we get closer to launch, but we’ve got a ton of confirmed details already.

Your favorite modes will be returning as usual, but there’s also a nice little spruce up to the regular rotation as well. From Scrapyard Domination to Favela Hardpoint (and everything in between), here’s what you can expect to be playing in Modern Warfare 3.

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Every Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Mode

Modern Warfare 2's multiplayers is more expansive than ever.
Image via Activision.

As we said, all of the classic Multiplayer gameplay modes are back this year. They’re also joined by the return of War – the sprawling, map-progression mode that originated in Sledgehammer Games’ World War II – and also by the return of Ground War. There’s a third large-scale mode called Invasion joining the party too.

Cutthroat is the lone confirmed entry on the smaller side. A 3v3v3 take on Gunfight, this mode is essentially like playing in a nine-man Warzone Gulag but in Multiplayer. Otherwise, it’s standard Call of Duty fare all the way down.

Gameplay ModeMax Lobby Size
Control 6v6
Cutthroat 3v3
Free-For-All 1v7
Ground War32v32
Gun Game 1v7
Search & Destroy6v6
Team Deathmatch6v6

It wouldn’t be surprising to see more modes get rolled out across the year, but these are the ones that will be out in the wild from Day One. Ranked Play has also been confirmed to arrive in mid-Season One.

Every Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Map

Quarry was added to Al Mazrah in Warzone Season 2, and its back in multiplayer as of Modern Warfare 3.
Image via Activision.

Not only are all 16 Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps here to be enjoyed, but we’ve also got three more large-scale options for the bigger game modes. Levin Resort, Popov Power Plant, and Orlov Military Base are the backgrounds for Ground War, while the returning War mode is hosted on the brand-new Operation Spearhead battlefield.

Map NamePlaylist
Sub BaseCore
Operation SpearheadWar
Popov PowerGround War
Levin ResortGround War
Orlov Military BaseGround War

This isn’t where the fun ends either, as the developers have already confirmed at least 12 more environments will arrive in-game across the course of the Modern Warfare 3 era, as well as a handful of Modern Warfare 2 (2022) arenas as well.

We have a more detailed look at the maps here if you need it, but this is all the info you need to get rolling in the early days.