Who Controls The Gulag? All CoD Modern Warfare 3 Makarov Answers

Makarov will ask your character a question during the first mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and this shows all the answers he has.


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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign gives you the chance to play through a series of action-packed missions. During the first mission, Makarov will ask a direct question to your character, and you’ll need to answer Guards, Prisoners, or Neither.

It’s an answer you have to give quickly before time runs out. Makarov is asking this question to prove a point and to assess the devotion of your character as he conducts the prison break to help him escape. Should you tell Makarov the Guards, the Prisoners, or Neither control the Gulag in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

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Should You Tell Makarov the Guards, the Prisoners, or Neither Control the Gulag in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

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The decision will happen shortly after you enter the elevator with Makarov and the rest of your allies. This will be close to halfway through the mission after you’ve rescued Makarov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and you’re about to meet the guards head-on in a heavy shootout. The one operating the elevator doesn’t want to proceed forward, believing that it’s better to wait for the prisoners to go first. However, Makarov wants to go, saying that the prisoners are going to be used by the guards as a distraction, making it harder for everyone to escape.

There are three choices you can tell Makarov when he asks you, “Who controls the Gulag?” Each response does have a unique answer tied to it, giving you a chance to see a variety of dialogue options. These choices are short, but they do change slightly for your playthrough. From my experience, they do not have a huge impact on your Modern Warfare 3 campaign, giving you the freedom to pick from any of these options during the sequence.

  • Guards: After telling this to Makarov, he responds with, “Yes, Andrei — The guards have it … until we take it.”
  • Prisoners: Once you tell this to Makarov, he will say, “Yes, Andrei — That’s why the guards need the guns.”
  • Neither: When you tell Makarov neither, he will respond with, “Yes, Andrei, very good! Power is held by those who seize it.”

After Makarov tells this to your character during the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, he finishes it with, “Well done, soldier.” None of the responses are incorrect choices, and they don’t end up with your character dead at the end of this conversation. You have a limited time to make a decision, but the dialogue option that you go with is entirely up to you.