MultiVersus season 1.05 patch notes – Black Adam, Arcade Mode, and character tweaks

Can you smell what MultiVersus is cookin’?

Image via Player First Games

The MultiVersus updates keep on coming, and version 1.05 is now live in Warner Bros’ platform fighter. We’ve got a new contender, a new way to play, and a whole lot of balance changes to the current roster.

Black Adam and Arcade Mode are the top-level additions in the new patch notes. The DC Comics antihero should make for an interesting pairing with Superman (and a good cross-promotion for the currently playing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-led movie). Meanwhile, Arcade Mode is the classic game mode you’d expect from a fighting game, pitting you against increasingly harder opponents in a series of matches.

We also have some new variants for existing fighters and stages. Tune Squad costumes for Bugs Bunny and Taz (pictured below) are in the mix, along with Ultra Warrior Shaggy — don’t forget about the ongoing Halloween event and its silly costumes either. There’s a no-roof version of the Scooby Mansion now, as well as a new music track for Sky Arena and the arrival of the Space Jam map. Additionally, patch 1.05 adds BMO as a new announcer, purchasable for 600 Gleamium. The previous patch brought in Lady Rainicorn, so this is another nice addition.

As for balance changes to the existing roster, you can see the complete patch notes below. Several fighters saw tweaks, with the majority of adjustments being for Reindog this time around.

Image via Player First Games

MultiVersus Season 1.05 Patch Notes


  • Attack Decay
    • Level 1 of Attack Decay increased to 80% reduction of stun up from 60%.
    • Level 2 of Attack Decay increased to 90% reduction of stun up from 70%.
    • Level 3 of Attack Decay increased to 95% reduction of stun up from 80%.
    • Level 4 of Attack Decay increased to 97.5% reduction of stun up from 90%.
  • Adjusted item spawn likelihoods so more zany items will appear more often.
  • Added anvil item to item pool.
  • Remove the spike and aerial moves section of the intro tutorial.

Character Updates


  • Ground/Air Up Special
    • Moved hit frames back 1 frame.
    • Branching to Side Special (Dagger throw) on hit moved back 6 frames.
  • Ground/Air Side Special
    • Dagger Hitting Ally or enemy now returns 25% of cooldown down from 50%.
    • Betrayal Signature Perk – Dagger hitting ally now returns 25% of cooldown down from 50%.
    • Branching to Side Special (Dagger throw) on hit moved back 6 frames.
    • Dash to dagger from minimum travel time increased to 0.275 seconds from 0.23 seconds.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where if an enemy died with the knife in them, it would remain in them when they respawned.


  • Air Down Attack: 3 frames of endlag added.

Bugs Bunny

  • Ground Side Attack
    • Increased base knockback to 800 from 600 for the first 2 hits.
    • Added 0.5 knockback scaling from 0 on first 2 hits.
  • Air Down Attack: Pushed knockback angle to be more horizontal.


  • Ground/Air Neutral Special Attack: Removed errant hitbox on Finn’s body.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • (High-Five): 4 frames of endlag added.
    • High-Five had nearly instant recovery previously. This change should give it a small window to be punished.
  • Air Neutral Attack: Increased whiff lag (whiff recovery) by 5 frames.


  • Ground Side Attack
    • Added early cancel on hit for side to up attack combo.
    • Increased side to down combo attack damage to 7 from 6 and knockback scaling to 15 from 12.
  • Ground/Air Neutral Special
    • Speed of stacking sing buff increased to 0.5 seconds from 0.75 seconds.
    • Duration of sing buff stack increased to 5 seconds from 3.5 seconds.


  • Air Down Attack: Increased hitbox size to better match visuals.

Iron Giant

  • Removed experimental tag.
  • Air Down Attack: Branching into Side Ground Special (Grab) from landing delayed.
  • Side Ground Special
    • Active hit frames startup delayed by 2 frames.
    • These changes were done to prevent an infinite grab combo.


  • Air Down Attack
    • Start up active frames starts 1 frame later.
    • Increased recovery by 3 frames after the third hit.


  • Ground Down Attack: Attack now breaks armor when basketball is equipped.


  • Ground Side Attack: Reduced hit pause to 0.175 seconds from 0.3 seconds when Hammer Perk is equipped.
  • Ground Side Attack: Tweaks to make combo hit 2 more likely to connect.
  • Air Down Attack
    • Adjusted knockback angle to be more horizontal.
    • Increased recovery by 1 frame.
  • General: Fixed a bug that was preventing equipped stickers from playing.


  • Removed experimental tag.
  • General: Fixed bug where held items would appear on the wrong hand.
  • Ground Neutral Special: Fixed bug where you could infinitely summon Meeseeks.
  • Ground/Air Side Special: Fixed bug where enemies could dodge out of the portal and not be hit stunned.


  • Ground Up Special: Fixed a bug where the crystal would not be visible if it exited the arena.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special: Pulling ally while they are in the grace area of the Blastzone no longer rings out the ally.
  • Ground/Air Down Special: Set the max size of Reindog’s fireball to be 7 times its initial size.
  • Ground/Air Down Special: Reduced on cooldown fireball lifetime to 0.5 seconds from 1 second.
  • Ground/Air Down Special
    • On cooldown fireball no longer spawns a fire wall.
    • Spamming fireball even when it was on cooldown was always the right answer. These nerfs to the cooldown version of the fireball are designed to give it more of a consequence.
  • Ground Side Attack: Combo attack 1 knockback direction pushed up more.
  • Air Down Attack: Knockback angle increased to be more horizontal.
  • Air Side Special: Increased endlag (recovery) by 4 frames.
  • Air Side Special: Moved back land canceling by 4 frames.
  • Air Side Special: Increased hitbox size by 50%.


  • Ground/Air Down Special: Using Raged Sandwich removes rage buff.
  • Air Down Attack: On Hit, Dodge and Jump branch pushed 4 frames later.


  • Air/Ground Neutral Special: Stripe’s gun reload will now take 14 seconds but will reload all 3 shots. Any shot will reset the reload time to 14 seconds.
  • Air Forward Attack: 5 frames of whiff recovery added to Forward Air.
  • Air Forward Attack: Hitboxes on Forward Air will now not hit behind him.
  • General: Leap perk reduced speed given from 50% to 35% and duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • General: Updated Stripe’s move list to represent his gameplay.


  • General: Defense Meter Return per tick reduced to 5s from 6s.
  • Air Side Special: Preventing falling after a successful throw.
  • Air Up Special
    • Increased base knockback on down throw to 525 from 425.
    • On low damage the down throw didn’t clear the opponent enough.


  • General: Fixed bug where Taz would not be able to eat projectiles after being knocked out.
  • General: Fixed bug where chicken legs would spawn in the middle of the arena.
  • General: Taz default taunt will now play sticker emotes.
  • General: Fixed bug where Taz could walk with an eaten enemy if he got hit right when he ate a fighter.

Tom & Jerry

  • Ground/Air Up Special: Fix for Jerry rocket functionality. It will now properly apply projectile perks to the first enemy fighter hit.
  • Ground/Air Up Special: Increased cork ammo from 2 to 3.

Wonder Woman

  • Air Neutral Special: Fixed a bug where Wonder Woman using her lasso in air and then landing would cause the animation to not play.
  • Ground/Air Up Special: Fix for ground up special floating sometimes not triggering.