Black Adam and Arcade Mode will change the power hierarchy of MultiVersus this week

Can you smell what Player First Games has cooking?

Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has decided to surprise everyone today with a few new additions to their team-based platform fighter, MultiVersus. The MultiVersus team has announced on Twitter that players will be able to play this week as antihero Black Adam and enjoy a new Arcade Mode. This was all revealed in a 19-second teaser video that shows Black Adam on an old-school arcade machine. You can check it out for yourself below.

Black Adam is a well-known DC Comics supervillain/anti-hero among the superhero community. Black Adam was the original owner of Shazam’s powers and was exiled after using his abilities to become a dictator in the fictitious country of Kahndaq. Even though this news was released close to the official premiere of the Black Adam movie, featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the character we have seen presented as Black Adam in the teaser seems to be the comic version, and not Johnson’s rendition of the hero. It seems that the actor won’t join the likes of Gizmo, Lebron James, and Rick and Morty.

We have known about Black Adam’s addition to the cast for a while now, and we have been expecting his arrival since Stripe joined the cast. The artwork of the antihero and little gremlin has been out since August and fans have been anxiously waiting to play as Black Adam against all the other great DC superheroes.

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Regarding the mentioned Arcade Mode, the MultiVersus team has not revealed any details about the new game mode, but we should expect to get the answers we are looking for this week. Now, all we need to wait for is the addition of Sloth, the gentle giant from The Goonies, to the game and all will be well with the fandom.