NBA 2K23: How to get 89 OVR Crossover Lil Wayne in MyTeam

Six foot, seven foot.

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On February 9, NBA 2K23’s MyTeam saw the return of the Crossover series, as three National Football League players received special 89 OVR cards in the game. A week later, 2K released another card for a non-basketball player. This time, an 89 OVR Ruby card of rapper Lil Wayne can now be obtained in MyTeam for a limited time, giving basketball fans to see what he can do on the court with past and current NBA stars. Here’s a look at how users can get Lil Wayne.

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How to get Crossover Lil Wayne in MyTeam

Much like with the NFL players that were added to MyTeam on February 9, NBA 2K23 players must head over to the Spotlight Challenges in order to get Lil Wayne. Those challenges can be found in the ‘Single Player’ section in the main menu, and then select ‘Challenges.’ Finally, select the ‘Spotlight Challenges,’ in order to find the Football Crossover event challenges.

Users will only need to play and win a game in order to get 89 OVR Ruby Lil Wayne. This game is set to Semi-Pro difficulty, goes up to 21 points, and doesn’t have any team restrictions. So, use whomever you want, without having to worry about the team or overall restrictions. Just be mindful that in the game, you’ll have to face Wayne, alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Should you beat the three, the 89 OVR Lil Wayne card will be unlocked.

The Lil Wayne crossover challenge will be live in MyTeam until the end of Season 4, which expires on February 24.