NBA 2K23: How to get 96 OVR Takeover Andre Drummond in MyTeam

More size for the lineup.

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The NBA 2K23 All-Star event is now live in MyTeam, and there are new rewards to collect. The hunt for 98 OVR Russell Westbrook is on, and one card that is needed for it is a 96 OVR Takeover item of former Pistons center Andre Drummond. So, how can you add Drummond to your collection? Let’s take a look at what needs to be done.

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How to get Takeover Drummond in MyTeam

In order to get the Takeover Andre Drummond in MyTeam, players must complete six separate Agendas. These Agendas include objectives that need to be completed in one of MyTeam’s various online or offline modes.

Listed below are the six Agendas, plus the rewards for each:

  • Score 33 points with a Cavaliers player in a game (reward is Badge Award Pack)
  • Get seven blocks with Pistons players over multiple games (reward is Rim Protector Award Pack)
  • Get 25 rebounds with Pistons players over multiple games (reward is Rebounder Award Pack)
  • Get one double-double and score 30 points with a Pistons center in a game (reward is Shoe Award Pack)
  • Win a game by six points or more using five Diamond or higher players (reward is 10 MyTeam tokens)
  • Grade 10 cards (reward is Shoe Award Pack)

Like with other Moments and Takeover challenges that dropped in the past, our advice is to work within the single-player game modes, particularly Challenges and Domination, for the stat-base objectives. This will allow you to rack up stats, without having to deal with the “sweats” in online play.

Players will need to make use of Pistons and Cavaliers players in order to get this challenge. Cheaper options for the ‘Career High Points’ Cavaliers’ Agenda include 83 OVR Leon Powe and 88 OVR Zydrunas Ilgauskas. For the Pistons-themed Agendas, make sure to get some bigs. Some good options are 93 OVR Moments Jalen Duren and 90 OVR Ben Wallace. Also, make sure to assemble a team that has at least six players of 92 OVR or higher to complete ‘Diamond Win by 6’ Agenda.

Upon completing the six challenges, players will then receive the 96 OVR Takeover Andre Drummond. Remember, this is one of the cards needed as part of the Russell Westbrook All-Star event. This card will leave the MyTeam Agendas on February 24.