Official Roblox Anime Adventures Trello and Discord links

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Image via Roblox Corporation

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While most Roblox experiences share common design philosophies, they can implement their mechanics in surprisingly varied ways. That’s why it is always useful to research a game like Roblox Anime Adventure before you start playing. Fortunately, the developers have put together a couple of resources for you to read to help you on your way. Here is how to find the Trello board and Discord server for Roblox Anime Adventures.

Roblox Anime Adventures Trello Board link

Image via Roblox

Many Roblox experiences put together a Trello board to let fans know their development roadmap, but they can also be a treasure trove of knowledge for players confused by the game’s mechanics. The team behind Roblox Anime Adventures has character tier lists, beginner’s guides, and even lists of how to unlock secret characters on their Trello, so it is useful to check it out.

You can find the Roblox Anime Adventures Trello Board by clicking here. You don’t need to join the board to browse it, but if you do, you can set it to send you alerts whenever new cards are added, or old ones are removed. This is the best way to know when new updates are released for the game. While codes for Roblox Anime Adventures aren’t usually announced via their Trello board, they do eventually find their way there.

Roblox Anime Adventures Discord Server

While the Trello board is a good opportunity to keep up with what the developers of a game are doing, their Discord server is the best way to connect with other players. Joining the Roblox Anime Adventures Discord server allows you to chat with other fans, speak to the developers directly, and report bugs when you find them.

You can compare Roblox Anime Adventure tier lists with other players and find out when major events are scheduled. The Discord server is the best way to dive into the game’s community, even if you never say a word in it. There are plenty of players who just lurk in Discord servers, after all. If you want to just lurk, you can always make your Discord name invisible, so no one will ever know you’re there.