Paid in Full gig – Cyberpunk 2077

How good is your word?

If you owe someone money in Night City, chances are you won’t last long, or they’ll attempt to call in the favor when you least expect. For the Paid in Favor gig in Cyberpunk 2077, you need to pay off your debt to Viktor, the older ripperdoc who adds a few high quality cybereware modifications to you. These upgrades don’t come cheap, and unless you had the money when you met him, you had to promise to pay it back. Now it’s time to make good on your word.

Where to find Viktor

You can find Viktor a little over 100 meters away from the main building of where you live. When you step out of your building, he’s a few blocks away right in the middle of Little China inside of Watson.

Paying off your debt to Viktor

You can complete this task whenever you acquire the appropiate amount of funds, so feel free to complete a handful of side quests and missions in Night City before feeling like you need to rush back to him. If you’re running low on cash, you can always roam the city looking gear you can sell, stuff you can craft, or just taking out bounty hits you find while wandering the streets.

You need to make back 21,000 in cash for Viktor, so you don’t reach this amount, don’t bother finding Viktor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you on the map indicator how much you owe him, so you have to return to him at least once to see how much you owe. Once you return to him, and exchange the cash, you debt with him is clear.