Payday 3 Heist Tier List – All Heists, Ranked

The heist in Payday 3 can be tackled in many different ways thanks to intelligent design choices; here’s how we rank Heists in Payday 3.

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There’s been a persistent itch that needs to be scratched since the last Payday title was released over a decade ago. Thanks to the team over at Starbreeze Studios, we now have a reason to don our mask once again as we discover new joints that need heisting. Speaking of heists, the ones in Payday 3 are excellent and well worth the time. Some are better than others, so we’ll review how Heist rank compared to one another.

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Best Payday 3 Heist, Ranked

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SRoad Rage, Touch The Sky, Gold And Sharke
ANo Rest For The Wicked, 99 Boxes, Rock The Cradle
BDirty Ice, Under The Surphaze

Tier S Heists in Payday 3

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For Tier S, we decided to go with the best heists when it comes to pure fun. For Road Rage, this heist is a no-frills action stage that tests your ability to handle your weapon. Touch the Sky is the most cinematic of the bunch and requires good teamwork to do well, which we appreciate because it gives everyone something to do at all times. Gold and Sharke is a hacker paradise, and it makes use of that skill path thanks to constant interferences when doing a stealth playthrough.

Tier A Heists in Payday 3

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For Tier A, we have a mixture of straightforward and unique. When it comes to No Rest for the Wicked, it’s the perfect introduction to the game that gives you everything you can expect from future stages. As for 99 Boxes, it’s another unique stage that can be quite fun if you’re looking for an entire loot run, thanks to its hide-and-seek nature with the crates. Rock the Cradle can be the most frustrating of the heists if you’re looking for an easy time, and the fact that the entire level refuses to hold your hand is a big wake-up call to new players.

Tier B Heists in Payday 3

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Although Tier B is at the bottom of the list, these are not bad, but they lack a certain quality that the others have in spades. In this case, Under the Surphaze is the typical art gallery heist, with specific openings to get to the prize. The main mark against it is that it only requires one knowledgeable person to complete it, which is tedious. Dirty Ice is guilty of having the all-time classic guess-the-password trope, which can be frustrating for most players. We prefer breadcrumbs in our heists, as it at least makes it interesting.