Payday 3: How to Access Panic Room in Touch The Sky

After unlocking Mason’s office, it’s time to get into his Panic Room in Payday 3’s Touch The Sky mission, and you need Mason’s help to do it.

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Close to the end of the Touch The Sky mission in Payday 3, one of the last objectives you need to get through is to access the Panic Room. The Panic Room contains the vault that you need to unlock, get the valuable loot from the penthouse before anyone finds out about it.

How you unlock the Panic Room is all about getting the penthouse owner to you: Mason. Although you’ve unlocked his office, getting into Panic Room requires his participation, and he won’t be willing. Here’s what you need to know on how to access the Panic Room in Payday 3’s Touch The Sky.

Where to Find Poison in Touch The Sky

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There are two ways to get Mason away from the big meeting on the penthouse’s ground floor after unlocking his office. The first way is to wait until he takes a phone call during your Payday 3 mission, but this method appears to be unpredictable, and you’ll have to wait until this effect triggers to grab him. The alternative way to do it is to poison his drink, but you’ll have to find the poison to get him away from everywhere.

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I was able to find the poison on the ground floor, beneath the Master Bedroom. Head down the stairs at the center of the penthouse, and make your way to the large window on the right side of the building. You’ll likely encounter a handful of security guards and cameras on your way there, and potentially civilians making their way out to the outdoor area. On the left of the hallway will be a room labeled “

How to Spike Mason’s Drink in Touch the Sky

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Now that you’ve found the poison, it’s time to use it on Mason. You’ll need to leave behind the counter, next to the meeting on the ground floor. It should be further down the hallway, to your right, from the closet you entered. Be on the lookout for the guards, and the head of security patrolling this area before you approach the drink and fill it with poison. This part can be tricky in Payday 3, and it took me a few tries to finally get in there to apply the poison.

After the drink is poisoned, ring the bell to the left of the beverage to get Mason’s attention. You don’t want to be nearby when he has the drink, so duck away and hide while the poison activates in his system.

How To Force Mason to Open The Panic Room Door in Touch The Sky

After you poison Mason’s drink, he’s going to depart to the bathroom to the right of the meeting room. You can find it next to the stairs, underneath his office. You’ll be able to ambush him here, take him hostage, and drag him upstairs to the eye scanner. Use him as a Human Shield, and then toss him at the scanner to force open the Panic Room, bringing you one step closer to unlocking the vault inside the Master Bedroom.