Best Places to Increase Social Stats Fast in Persona 3 Reload

Players will need to increase their Social Stats in Persona 3 Reload if they want to unlock everything the game has to offer.

Persona 3 Reload movie theater

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Players must prove their worth through a series of activities if they want to get anything done in Persona 3 Reload. Become a courageous, charming, and intelligent student who will open up all social links to increase your strength.

Persona 3 Reload has the Social Stats mechanic that centers around the main character’s level of Charm, Courage, and Academics. The higher the level for each one, the more options are open for players to choose from and the more social links become available. Many social links and places are inaccessible when Social Stats are too low. There are a few places that will level up the Social Stats quickly.

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Best Places to Level Up Multiple Social Stats in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Movie Theater
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There are three locations where players will be able to level up multiple Social Stats at the same time. The following are the names of each location and what Social Stats the level up.

  • Chagall Cafe: increases Courage & Charm
  • Be Blue V: increases Academics & Charm
  • Movie Theater: Academics & Courage

Working part-time at each location will level up two Social Stats with one musical note. These are great for leveling up multiple stats in one go instead of using the allotted time for just one Social Stat at a time. The bonus is players will be able to make money instead of spending money, giving players more options to buy supplies they need for surviving fights.

Chagall Cafe is the first location out of the three that players will have access to. Be Blue V will become available in July and the Movie Theater will become available when players have a high enough Courage level. Use the extra spare time at the beginning of the game at the Chagall Cafe to raise the Courage and Charm stats quickly.

Best Places to Double Increase Single Social Stats in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Wilduck Burger
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There are a few places where players will be able to earn double the points or gain two musical notes when spending time there. The following are the best locations to do so.

  • Wilduck Burger: double Courage
  • Wakatsu Restaurant : double Acedemics
  • Hagakure Ramen: double Charm

Each location requires players to buy a specific item on the menu to increase each respective Social Stat. Players get double the points but for a price. Wakatsu Restaurant is the cheapest location with the Prodigy Platter costing 680 yen. The Pork Ramen and Hagakure Ramen is 900 yen and the Mystery Burger at Wilduck Burger is 1,000 yen.

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