Pokemon Go – How to Get Zygarde Cells

Zygarde is making its debut it Pokemon Go, but if you want to catch it, you’re going to need to track down Zygarde Cells.

Pokemon Go has plenty of Pokemon for you to encounter as you make your way through the mobile game, exploring your local area and checking out the many sights. There’s also a good chance for you to encounter legendary Pokemon during your adventures, such as Zygarde.

Zygarde is a rare Pokemon that is making its debut during the Blazing Trails event, a Pokemon Go in-game event that ushers in the release of the Pokemon Go Routes feature and to encounter Zygarde, you’re going to need an important item: Zygarde cells. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go.

Where to Find Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

Player’s can find Zygarde Cells by walking on Routes with their Zygarde Cube. Zygarde Cells are a special item that will release alongside a Special Research story in Pokemon Go. The story has to do with the Blazing Trails event, which debuts the release of Pokemon Go’s Routes feature.

The only way to track down Zygarde Cells items is to participate in a Pokemon Go Route. Any player who wants to do this can go to the Nearby menu icon, which you can find on the lower-right hand on the screen, where you typically see the nearby PokeStops and the Pokemon at those locations. In the upper tab, there will be a Routes choice, and you can see any nearby routes that have been created for your local area. These are all localized Routes, and they start at a particular PokeStop or a Gym.

While walking on any of these Routes while playing Pokemon Go, there’s a chance Zygarde Cells will appear. These are required items for everyone participating in the Special Research, From A to Zygarde, will need to participate in these routes if they want to find any Zygarde Cells.

A Route is required to find these items, and if you don’t have enough, I recommend repeating your favorite ones in your local area. There are a variety of bonuses for participating in a Route in Pokemon Go, giving you additional reasons to seek them out, beyond grinding Zygarde Cells. There’s also the option to create some of your own that other local Pokemon Go players can use, building up your community.

Outside of participating in Routes, it does not look like Zygarde Cells will be readily available to appear in Pokemon Go. Hopefully, you grab the Special Research, From A to Zygarde, and can add this legendary Pokemon to your growing collection.