Pokemon Go November 2023 Wooper Community Day – Dates, Paldean Forms & Special Research Story

The Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day event has been announced, and it’s all about Wooper and Paldean Wooper

Community Day Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company

Each month, Pokemon Go celebrates a different Pokemon through the Community Day event series. November will be here before we know it, which means details for the November 2023 Community Day in Pokemon Go have been announced.

Wooper and Paldean Wooper will be the stars of the show for November’s Community Day, with the Pokemon appearing more frequently in the wild and a chance to encounter Shiny versions of both. If you’re looking to add Wooper to your collection and level it up, we’ll cover the details for this Community Day to get you ready to go.

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When is Pokemon Go’s November 2023 Community Day for Wooper and Paldean Wooper?

The November 2023 Community Day will take place on Sunday, November 5 from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local time zone. Throughout this time period, you’ll see Wooper and Paldean Wooper more frequently. Trainers will also have access to a variety of bonuses during the three hour event.

After the initial Community Day event, Pokemon Go players will have the opportunity to engage in Bonus Community Raid Battles featuring Wooper and Paldean Wooper. These exclusive Four-Star Raid events will run from 5 PM to 10 PM in your local time zone on Sunday, November 5. After you complete the raid, Wooper and Paldean Wooper will spawn more frequently near this area for 30 minutes.

All Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day Bonuses

During the Community Day event, trainers will receive the following in-game bonuses:

  • Double candy for catching Pokemon
  • Reduced hatching distance for eggs placed in incubators during the event
  • Double chance of getting Candy XL from catching Pokemon (for trainers level 31 and above only)
  • Extended three-hour duration on lure modules activated during the event
  • Extended three-hour duration for incense used during the event (excludes Daily Adventure incense)
  • Surprises for taking snapshots during the event
  • An additional Special Trade (through 10pm on Community Day)
  • Reduced cost for trades, requiring 50% less stardust (through 10pm on Community Day)

What is Wooper’s Exclusive Move for Pokemon Go’s November 2023 Community Day?

If you catch and evolve a Wooper during November 2023 Community Day, its evolved form Quaqsire will learn the exclusive charged attack, Aqua Tail.

Paldean Wooper evolved during the event and will become a Clodsire that knows Megahorn.

What is the Special Research Story for Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day?

November 2023 Community Day features a special paid Research Story called A Muddy Buddy. For $1.00 USD (or local currency equivalent), players can access this research story or gift access to a friend. What this story entails remains a surprise.

Will there be Special Field Research for Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day?

Wooper and Paldean Wooper themed Special Field Research will also feature in Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day. Tasks will be related to catching Wooper and Paldean Wooper.

Rewards for the field research include additional encounters with Wooper and Paldean Wooper, stardust, ultra balls, and additional surprise rewards.

What are the Bonus Bundles for Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day?

Pokemon Go Community Day Stickers
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go fans will also see some event-exclusive bundles available in the web store and in-game store.

The web store Ultra Community Day Bundle costs $9.99 USD and features 500 Poke Balls, one Poffin, and three Lucky Eggs.

The in-game shop will feature two Community Day Bundles:

  • For 1,350 Poke Coins, you’ll receive 50 Ultra Balls, five super incubators, on Elite Charged TM, and five Lucky Eggs.
  • For 480 Poke Coins trainers can purchase 30 Ultra Balls, one incense, three super incubators, and one lure module.

Players will also be able to collect Community Day themed stickers by purchasing them in the shop or finding them at Poke Stops and in gifts.

With all these bonuses and encounters, it’s safe to say Pokemon Go fans looking to catch and evolve Wooper should mark their calendars for November 2023 Community Day.