Pokémon Go Player Discovers XXL Wailord is Truly a “Big Boi”

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

Wailord Pokémon GO

Image via The Pokémon Company

In December 2022, a new feature was added to Pokémon Go that allows for varying sizes and weights of Pokémon to be caught in the mobile augmented reality game. The Pokédex was updated to reflect this change and track the captured Pokémon’s sizes. Players were thrilled and could not stop comparing the sizes of their Pokémon.

Now, thanks to the Sustainability Week event from April 20 at 10:00 AM Local Time to April 26 at 8:00 PM Local Time, Wailord, the whale Pokémon, is appearing more frequently. But it seems that the XXL version of Wailord is so big that it can’t fit on the screen. Sure, whales are known for being large, but this size may be a bit much even for them.

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Pokémon Go fans love XXL Wailord’s screen-busting size

A Reddit user, aptly named GiganteColosso, took to the Pokémon Go community to share a screenshot of the Wailord they caught during Sustainability Week. It truly is a Big Boi. The Wailord weighs 664.68 kilograms and is 24.49 meters tall. To put things into perspective, the guy doesn’t fit on the screen. You can see how it’s hanging off the edges and its belly even overlaps with the stats interface.

In the midst of a potentially contentious situation, players of Pokémon Go could have taken aim at Niantic’s lack of attention to detail. Instead, they have turned their attention to a more pressing matter: how will a gym accommodate the massive size of Wailmer and Wailord? The debate raged on until Meme_Maaan settled it once and for all with the observation that “All the other Pokémon get smashed against the wall.” With the sheer size of these creatures, players are now speculating whether the introduction of Dynamax will be feasible. And, if it does come to the game, will they need an iPad just to witness its XXL form?