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Pokemon Go Storage Upgrades Expand Pockets For Go Fest 2023

Pokemon Go is increasing the storage available to players.

Pokemon Go fans can now collect even more gear than usual, as Pokemon Storage and the Item Bag have increased their maximum capacity. This means players can store even more gear and won’t have to be so choosy about what they keep ahold of.

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Before the recent update, Pokemon Go players could gradually upgrade their maximum Pokemon and item storage. Until recently, the maximum number of Pokemon could be increased to 6300 Pokemon and 5300 items, which might sound like a lot, but Pokemon Go throws tons of opportunities for catching Pokemon and gathering items at you. It won’t be long until you’re binning stuff to make more room.

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Pokemon Go Is Increasing Storage & Item Bag Capacity

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 is unleashing Mega Rayquaza onto the world, and players can gather even more loot than before. An update on the Pokemon Go App Twitter account has announced that the Pokemon storage and Item Bag limit will be increased by 500 for the event, with fans able to purchase storage upgrades from the shop right now.

With these upgrades in place, increasing the maximum Pokemon storage to 6800 and the Item Bag capacity to 5800 is now possible. You still need to purchase the upgrades from the shop, which currently cost 200 Poke Coins, so you’ll have to spend real money if you want to bump up your limit. For dedicated Pokemon Go players, this is a small price to pay for less messing around with their collection.

The storage capacity in Pokemon Go has been a thorny issue for fans in the past, with players asking for more free ways to increase their Pokemon storage and Item Bag. Niantic is a business, however, and the Pokemon franchise is no stranger to nickel-and-diming the fanbase. You only need to look at Pokemon Home to see how costly it can be to be a Pokemon fan, especially when it comes to connecting to Pokemon Go and the mainline games.

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6800 Pokemon is a lot, but people who have been playing since the launch of Pokemon Go have likely butted against the maximum storage many times, even when the ability to trade Pokemon from Pokemon Go into the other games came about. Those willing to pay can store even more Pokemon, which they may or may not use in the future but still prefer to keep in their collection, as that’s what Pokemon is all about.

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