Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Make Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwiches

Sparkling Sandwiches are some of the most desirable sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, and require a lot of effort to create.

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The sandwiches you make in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are crucial to providing you useful bonuses and buffs while playing the game. Depending on your goal, these sandwiches can significantly increase your chances of rare Pokémon or even encountering a shiny variant.

For those trying to hunt down shiny Pokémon, Sparkling Power Sandwiches are what you want to make regularly. Unfortunately, the ingredients for these particular sandwiches are difficult to come by, with the best being set to Level 3. Here’s what you need to know about how to make Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

All ingredients to make Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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There are several ingredients that you’re going to need to gather up when crafting Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwiches. The exact ingredients vary, with certain ingredients giving you a boost to potentially finding a specific Pokémon type. For example, given your assortment of ingredients, you might receive a Sparkling Power Level 3 boost for Bug-type Pokémon, or it might be for Dragon-type.

Regardless of the type of sandwich you want to make for Sparkling Power, the most crucial ingredient you will need is the various Herba Mystica. You can acquire these by completing some of the toughest raids possible in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, namely the Five Star, Six Star, or Seven Star raids. As a result, you’ll receive Herba Mystica of the Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, or Spicy variety.

You must use at least two Herba Mystica and the other crucial ingredients for each Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwich. You can combine any Herba Mystica, except for Sweet and Sour, or two Sweet and two Sour for select types.

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Because of these limitations, our best recommendation is to primarily use Salty, Bitter, and Spicy for your sandwiches and only use Sweet or Sour if you’re also using a Salty, Bitter, or Spicy alongside it. If you’re in a pinch, it’s important to remember combining two Sweet Herba Mystica will not work in Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Normal, or Water-type sandwiches, and two Sour Herba Mystica will not work in Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, Ice, or Normal-type sandwiches.

These are all the ingredients you need to make a Sparkling Power Level 3 Sandwich for every Pokémon type in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon TypeSandwich Ingredients
Bug-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Cherry Tomatoes, and 2 Herba Mystica
Dark-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Smoked Fillets, and 2 Herba Mystica
Dragon-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Avocado, and 2 Herba Mystica
Electric-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Yellow Peppers, and 2 Herba Mystica
Fairy-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Tomatoes, and 2 Herba Mystica
Fighting-type1 Cucumber, 4 Pickles, and 2 Herba Mystica
Fire-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Red Peppers, and 2 Herba Mystica
Flying-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Prosciutto, and 2 Herba Mystica
Ghost-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Red Onions, and 2 Herba Mystica
Grass-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Lettuce, and 2 Herba Mystica
Ground-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Hams, and 2 Herba Mystica
Ice-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Klawf Sticks, and 2 Herba Mystica
Normal-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Tofu, and 2 Herba Mystica
Poison-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Green Peppers, and 2 Herba Mystica
Psychic-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Onions, and 2 Herba Mystica
Rock-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Bacon, and 2 Herba Mystica
Steel-type1 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, 3 Hamburgers, and 2 Herba Mystica
Water-type4 Cucumber, 1 Pickle, and 2 Herba Mystica