Pokemon Masters EX Sync Pair tier list – the best trainers to pull for

These units make the game very easy.

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Pokémon Masters EX has a diverse set of units that will help you progress in the game. Known as Sync Pairs in the game, these can either be Strike, Support, or Tech units. Since there are a lot of Sync Pairs in the game, it can get confusing as to which ones are worth summoning. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking the best Sync Pairs in the game.

Best Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters EX

Striker Sync Pairs

TierSync Pairs
SArchie and Kyogre, Giovanni and Nidoking, Leon and Charizard, Maxie and Groudon, Serena and Zygarde
AAlder and Volcarona, Bea and Sirfetch’d, Cynthia and Kommo-o, Cyrus and Palkia, Emmet and Archeops, Emmet and Escavalier, Ethan and Lugia, Giovanni and Mega Mewtwo Y, Gloria and Urshifu, Iris and Hydreigon, Leon and Eternatus, Lusamine and Ultra Necrozma, N and Zoroark, Red and Mega Charizard X, Volkner and Electivire
BBrendan and Sceptile, Cynthia and Mega Garchomp, Diantha and Mega Gardevoir, Gloria and Zacian, Gloria and Inteleon, Guzma and Buzzwole, Hala and Crabominable, Hilbert and Mightyena, Hilda and Diancie, Karen and Umbreon, Lance and Dragonite, Leon and Calyrex, Lysandre and Yveltal, May and Lopunny, N and Zekrom, Olivia and Lycanroc, Raihan and Duraludon, Selene and Decidueye, Steven and Mega Metagross, Steven and Sandslash, Wally and Mega Gallade
CBlue and Mega Pidgeot, Bugsy and Scyther, Burgh and Leavanny, Caitlin and Reuniclus, Clair and Kingdra, Elesa and Zebstrika, Ethan and Typhlosion, Gardenia and Roserade, Grimsley and Mega Sharpedo, Guzma and Golisopod, Hilda and Emboar, Karen and Mega Houndoom, Kris and Feraligatr, Lance and Gyarados, Lusamine and Pheromosa, Lyra and Jigglypuff, Morty and Drifblim, Nate and Braviary, Plumeria and Salazzle, Pryce and Dewgong, Silver and Ho-Oh, Steven and Mega Rayquaza
DBarry and Empoleon, Bruno and Machamp, Fantina and Mismagius, Flint and Infernape, Hapu and Mudsdale, Hau and Raichu, Iris and Haxorus, Jessie and Arbok, Kahili and Toucannon, Korrina and Mega Lucario, Marshal and Conkeldurr, Molayne and Dugtrio, Noland and Mega Pinsir, Norman and Slaking, Roark and Rampardos, Roxie and Scolipede, Shauntal and Chandelure, Siebold and Octillery, Tate and Solrock, Valerie and Sylveon, Wulfric and Avalugg, Zinnia and Rayquaza

Archie & Kyogre, Leon & Charizard, and Maxie & Groudon have been top-tier units since their release. Serene & Zygarde is arguably the highest damage dealer and is well rounded Sync Pair that takes care of both the Dragon and Ground weak stages. Giovanni & Nidoking are the latest addition to the game and are currently the best Poison Sync Pair in the game.

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Support Sync Pairs

TierSync Pairs
SJasmine and Celesteela, Kris and Suicune, Professor Sycamore and Xerneas, Sonia and Yamper
ADawn and Cresselia, Falkner and Swellow, Hilda and Grapploct, Hop and Zamazenta, Ingo and Excadrill, Kiawe and Marowak, Sabrina and Mega Alakazam
BAaron and Vespiquen, Elio and Primarina, Erika and Comfey, Evelyn and Entei, Hilbert and Samurott, Jasmine and Mega Steelix, Leaf and Eevee, Lillie and Ribombee, Lillie and Polteageist, Lt. Surge and Raichu, Lyra and Meganium, Morty and Ho-Oh, Rachel and Umbreon, Red and Snorlax, Sabrina and Chingling, Skyla and Swanna
CDawn and Torterra, Elesa and Rotom, Lana and Araquanid, Lillie and Clefairy, Misty and Psyduck, Marnie and Dusknoir, Piers and Obstagoon, Rosa and Serperior, Rosa and Delibird, Sawyer and Honchkrow
DCheren and Stoutland, Cheryl and Blissey, Drake and Salamence, Glacia and Mega Glalie, Liza and Lunatone, Marley and Arcanine, Marlon and Carracosta, Maylene and Medicham, Roxanne and Probopass

The recently released Kris & Suicune Sync Pair is a busted unit capable of quickly setting up Rain Dance and buffing everyone’s crit multiplier. Professor Sycamore and Xerneas Sync Pair has remained one of the best free-to-play units in the game due to its versatility and ability to buff every stat on syncing.

Tech Sync Pairs

TierSync Pairs
SCynthia and Giratina, Gloria and Urshifu, Lear and Hoopa, Lucas and Dialga, Lyra and Celebi, Marnie and Morpeko, Marnie and Mega Mawile, May and Mega Swampert, May and Mega Latias
ABede and Hatterene, Bertha and Hippowdon, Bianca and Musharna, Dawn and Alcremie, Diantha and Keldeo, Elesa and Emolga, Erika and Leafeon, Mallow and Tsareena, Marnie and Grimmsnarl, Morty and Mega Banette, Serena and Delphox, Serena and Whimsicott, Skyla and Tornadus
BAcerola and Mimikyu, Darach and Staraptor, Ghetsis and Kyurem, Grimsley and Bisharp, Korrina and Marshadow, Leaf and Mega Venusaur, Nessa and Drednaw, Nessa and Eiscue, Professor Oak and Mew, Sophocles and Togedemaru, The Masked Royal and Incineroar
CAllister and Gengar, Clemont and Heliolisk, Erika and Tangela, Gladion and Silvally, Grimsley and Sharpedo, Koga and Crobat, Lisia and Mega Altaria, Lucian and Girafarig, Lucy and Seviper, Misty and Vaporeon, Professor Kukui and Lycanroc, Sidney and Absol, Volkner and Luxray, Wallace and Milotic, Will and Xatu
DAcerola and Palossand, Agatha and Mega Gengar, Blaine and Rapidash, Brawly and Hariyama, Brock and Onix, Brycen and Cryogonal, Calem and Meowstic, Candice and Abomasnow, Clay and Seismitoad, Crasher Wake and Floatzel, Erika and Vileplume, Flannery and Torkoal, Grant and Aurorus, James and Weezing, Janine and Ariados, Lorelei and Lapras, Lt. Surge and Electrode, Mina and Granbull, Nanu and Persian, Ramos and Victreebel, Thorton and Bronzong, Viola and Masquerain, Whitney and Miltank, Wikstrom and Aegislash, Winona and Pelipper, Zinnia and Salamence

Most of the Tech Sync Pairs in the game are viable and can be very effective under the right circumstances. The units in the S-tier generally can set up their respective zones or buff allies significantly. These are versatile and can be used as a Support or a Striker unit.