Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Glitterati Quest: All Locations & Rewards

The rich couple in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s land of Kitakami call themselves the Glitterati, and following them brings big rewards.

Glitterati Quest Rich Couple Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask

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The land of Kitakami in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet hides quite a few surprises for players, including the start of a brand new questline. The Teal Mask DLC added two new characters, known as the Glitterati, who reward the player with fabulous prizes.

Billy and O’Nare, aka The Glitterati, are hard to miss if you happen to walk past them in Kitakami. They are fully decked out in gold and glitter, going on about visiting the wonders of the world. While they’re a bit on the extra side, they’re also pretty generous, and following them on their quest to see amazing sites can be a rewarding quest indeed. Whether you’re in need of some quick cash or just a Pokemon completionist ticking the Glitterati off your list, we’re breaking down every step of the Glitterati quest so you know where to go and what you’ll get for your efforts.

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Where to Find Billy and O’Nare in Kitakami

How to Start Glitterati Quest Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Location: Kitakami Rice Paddies

Prize: 17,420 Cash

To begin the Glitterati questline in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, players will need to find Billy and O’Nare for the first time in the land of Kitakami. You’ll see them standing on the hill that overlooks the rice paddies just outside Mosui Town, near a tree. Approach them, and they’ll be so tickled to be approached by “a commoner” that O’Nare will challenge you to a battle.

Winning this first battle against O’Nare earns you a hefty cash prize of 17,420. Pretty easy money considering she has just one Level 65 Persian at her disposal. After the battle, the Glitterati will chat about heading back to Paldea to explore a waterfall that’s one of the Ten Sights of Paldea. While it may feel like some throwaway dialogue about these quirky wealthy folks, it’s actually a hint for where to find them next, because you’ve officially got yourself a side quest.

Glitterati Encounter 2: Billy and O’Nare’s Second Location

Glitterati Second Location Map Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Location: Fury Falls, North Province Area Two

Prize: 15 Big Pearls

The second stop on your Glitterati quest is an area known as Fury Falls, located in Area Two of the North Province back in Paldea. They’ll be standing near the sign proclaiming that Fury Falls is one of the Ten Sights of Paldea. It’s not too far from the Firescourge Shrine, and I actually stumbled upon them while looking for the ominous stakes out that way.

Talk to them, and they’ll be delighted to see “our dear commoner” a second time. So delighted, they’ll hand over 15 big pearls, no battle required. And of course, their dialogue hints at the next location, somewhere remote and not at all famous.

Glitterati Encounter 3: Billy and O’Nare’s Third Location

Glitterati Third Location Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Location: Border Between South Province Area One and South Province Area Five

Prize: 15 Nuggets

As Billy hints at the end of the second encounter, you’ll next spot the Glitterati at the border between South Province Area One and South Province Area Five in Scarlet & Violet. The spot is past the two lakes that sit on either side of the border, up on a hill that overlooks the area.

This is another encounter where you’ll be rewarded simply for interacting with Billy and O’Nare, no battle required. At the end of your chat, you’ll receive 15 Nuggets. Then, the jetsetting couple will be off to their next stop, back in Kitakami all because O’Nare has a craving for apples.

Glitterati Encounter 4: Billy and O’Nare’s Fourth Location & Second Battle

Glitterati Fourth Location Map Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Location: Apple Hills, South

Prize: 17,420 Cash

When you find the Glitterati back in Kitakami, it’s time for another battle! They will be standing in the middle of the apple orchards on Apple Hills, towards the southwest.

When you speak to them this time, O’Nare will challenge you yet again. She will still only have one Level 65 Persian in her party, making it a relatively quick and easy battle. Upon winning, you’ll be handsomely rewarded to the tune of 17,420 cash.

Glitterati Encounter 5: Billy and O’Nare’s Fifth Location

Glitterati Fifth Encounter Map Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Location: Casseroya Lake, Southern Island

Reward: 10 Pearl Strings

After the brief return to Kitkami, Billy and O’Nare are back to Paldea to visit another famous location. This time, you’ll find them at Casseroya Lake’s southernmost island in Scarlet & Violet, near the edge where the lake meets the Paldean Sea.

This is another battle-free encounter, and you’ll receive 10 Pearl Strings in exchange for a brief chat with the Glitterati. O’Nare will ask you the difference between a lake and a pond, but your answer doesn’t matter and you’ll get the prize either way.

Glitterati Encounter 6: Billy and O’Nare’s Sixth Location

Glitterati Sixth Location Map Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Location: Northern Glaseado Mountain

Reward: 10 Big Nuggets

It’s back into the mountains for the Glitterati’s sixth stop, in the northern part of Glaseado Mountain, down the slopes a good way. They’ll be hanging out to the west of the river where it flows into the sea, northeast of Montenevera.

Here, Billy and O’Nare will offer you 10 Big Nuggets after deciding your clothes aren’t nearly fine enough to help you withstand the cold.

Glitterati Encounter 7: Billy and O’Nare’s Final Location & Final Battle

Glitterati Final Location Great Crater Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Location: Southern Edge of Great Crater of Paldea

Reward: 35,052 Cash, 25 Big Nuggets, Glitterati Rotom Phone Case, Oh No! Emote

The seventh and final stop for the Glitterati quest in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is fittingly at the edge of the Great Crater of Paldea, specifically the southern edge just above South Province Area Three. I had some trouble finding them because they are really up there on the mountain that surrounds the crater, right on the edge.

Glitterati Great Crater Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Here, you’ll face off against O’Nare in a final battle, and it’s the most rewarding one yet. She has added a second Pokemon to her Pokémon Scarlet & Violet party, a level 65 Arboliva. When you defeat her, O’Nare will give you a hefty cash prize, as well as 25 Big Nuggets, a special Glitterati Case for your Rotom Phone, and a new Oh No! emote.

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