Pokémon Sleep Eevee Week: Dates, All Bonuses, & More

Pokemon Sleep fans are getting an Eevee Week event this month, and we are beyond excited for all the Eeveelutions.

Eevee Week Pokemon Sleep

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Now that Pokemon Sleep has been out for a few months, we’re starting to see more events pop up in the game. The latest event announcement is an entire week focused on a highly requested Pokemon, Eevee, and its many evolutions.

Pokemon Sleep announced via Twitter that they would host an Eevee Week event later this month, in which players would have an increased chance to encounter Eevee and its many different forms in the app. If the responses are any indication, this is something that Pokemon Sleep fans are excited to see, and as a bit of an Eevee fan myself, I’m right there with you. Let’s cover all the basics so you can get ready for Eevee Week in Pokemon Sleep.

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When is Eevee Week in Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep
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Eevee Week in Pokemon Sleep begins on November 20th at 4 AM. The event will last through the week, with Sunday, November 26th as the final day of Eevee Week bonuses.

Professor Neroli
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During Eevee Week, trainers will have an increased chance to encounter Eevee during their daily sleep research, giving them an opportunity to study its sleep styles and recruit it to their helper team.

Eevee’s evolutions will also show up to nap near Snorlax more often. With eight varieties to choose from, that’s a lot of sleep styles to log and a lot of biscuits to recruit these Pokemon to your helper team, so it could make for an exciting week of research.

More Eevee isn’t the only reward for the event, however. These other Eevee Week bonuses will be in effect throughout the week as well:

  • On Eevee Day itself, trainers will also see an extra 1,121 bonus sleep points hit their account in honor of the 11/21 date for Eevee Day.
  • Main skills for all helper Pokemon will be 1.5 times more likely to trigger throughout Eevee week.
  • Select Button confirmed in their recent event post that players will get rewards like Eevee incense through special missions that will be available during the week.

Since Eevee evolves using stones for most of its forms in Pokemon Sleep, it will be interesting to see if any special missions involve drops of these items to help trainers add the whole family to their helper team.

Previous events like Good Sleep Day and the Halloween Event have also featured special event bundles in the in-game shop, so it’s possible we’ll see something like that for Eevee Week as well.

Can Eevee and Its Evolutions Be Shiny in Pokemon Sleep?

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With more Pokemon appearing, the chance of seeing a Shiny is always a little bit better. So you may be wondering can Eevee and the Eeveelution team be Shiny in Pokemon Sleep? The answer is yes! There are Shiny versions of all nine Pokemon in the game, and the initial post about the event confirms we’ll get a higher chance to find Shinies throughout Eevee Week.

While there aren’t a ton of details about Eevee Week just yet, what we do know has me excited for the week of November 20. I’m dreaming of an entire team of Eeveelutions to help gather berries and snacks for Snorlax.