PowerWash Simulator – How to complete Croft Manor

Croft Manor can be hard to clean in PowerWash Simulator, thanks to its use of antiquated terms in its objectives menu.

Tomb Raider's Croft Mansion in PowerWash Simulator

Image Via FuturLab

Players can finally clean Lara Croft’s mansion in PowerWash Simulator’s new Tomb Raider DLC. Still, the fans might struggle to get through the first stage, as it involves cleaning the entire exterior of Croft Manor. This isn’t helped by unclear objectives, especially as the game uses outdated terms for its furnishings.

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How to clean Croft Manor in PowerWash Simulator

Fountain outside of Croft Manor

Croft Manor Fountain view in PowerWash Simulator
Screenshot Via Gamepur

The Croft Manor stage in PowerWash Simulator’s Tomb Raider DLC is broken into two elements: the Fountain and the exterior of the building. The Fountain is the easiest of the two to clean, accounting for around 30% of the stage completion percentage.

Croft Manor Fountain Underside PowerWash Simulator
Screenshot Via Gamepur

The exterior of the Fountain is relatively simple to clean, but players need to watch out for the bottom side of the ledges, as these are hidden from sight at the standard height and can only be dealt with by crawling on the ground and using one of PowerWash Simulator’s short extensions.

PowerWash Simulator Croft Manor Statue Fountain Tomb Raider DLC
Screenshot Via Gamepur

The fish statue on the Fountain itself is trickier, as the insides of the mouth and the thin exterior region of the eyes need to be carefully blasted with a concentrated nozzle, as do the thin strips between the wings. The final tricky point is the top of the tail, which can only be reached by climbing on the midpoint and jumping while spraying or using one of the portable staircases with one of the longer nozzles.

The exterior of Croft Manor

PowerWash Simulator Freezer Tomb Raider Reference Lara Croft
Screenshot Via Gamepur

The exterior of Croft Manor is one long stretch of brickwork, windows, and doors that needs to be cleaned, and it has a lot of fixtures that can catch a player out. One thing to note is that the player will be given two portable staircases, but these cannot be stacked on top of each other, so the longest nozzle will be needed to reach the top parts of the building.

One frustrating aspect of the Croft Manor exterior is the use of antiquated terms in the objectives list, which has names that most people won’t be familiar with. The two that appear the most are the Quions, the lines of white bricks that alternate in size, pictured below.

PowerWash Simulator Quion in Tomb Raider DLC
Screenshot Via Gamepur

And the Corbels, which are ornaments that look as if they’re holding up the ledges, as pictured below.

PowerWash Simulator Corbels
Screenshot Via Gamepur

Outside of the long stretches of brickwork, some finer details need to be hit, including the thin spots around the front door that require a vertical spray, the sides of the columns on the second floor above the main entrance, and the metal fixtures on the doors and windows, all of which are best dealt with using a concentrated nozzle. The player should also be aware of the plants around the building, as they can be cleaned in case there is any dirt behind them.