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Dear Uncle Tacitus Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

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In Dear Uncle Tacitus Walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, you will play a short objective of visiting your old camp to find the left gang members.

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In the last chapter Paradise Mercifully Departed, Dutch and his gang was able to get out Guarma island after fighting with Fussar. The next mission Dear Uncle Tacitus begins directly after that. In this short mission, you will be riding back to the old camp to find your family.

Dear Uncle Tacitus Walkthrough

Dear Uncle Tacitus Walkthrough

To earn Gold Medal in this mission you will need to lave Shady Bell quietly without getting detected by Pinkertons and finish everything within 8 minutes.

Look For Shady Belle | Dear Uncle Tacitus


Back on the docks quietly walk towards the yellow sign. Take the horse below the street light in front of the objective here is to return to Shady Belle to find rest of the gang. It is a long ride, so you can switch to the cinematic mode and enjoy the music. A major part of this mission is Arthur’s riding towards the destination and the music.

Deal With The Pinkertons | Dear Uncle Tacitus


Go inside and turn right on the table you will find a letter. This has the clue of the gang’s location, they had gone to Lakay, a small village on the north side of Saint-Denis. You will see a group of Lawmen outside, and they will start searching the mansion. The objective is to kill them quietly. Equip your knife and hide somewhere, in the mini-map you can check their locations. Go behind them and use stealth kill. For Gold Medal, you will have to finish this thing in 8 minutes.

Go To Lakay| Dear Uncle Tacitus

You can loot the dead lawmen before leaving the mansion. This is the end of this mission. The only objective is to quietly kill the lawmen and get out of the place. The next mission Fleeting Joy will start after this.

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