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Goodbye, Dear Friend Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

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In Goodbye, Dear Friend Walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch, Arthur, and Mrs. Adler visits Colm O’Driscolls hanging and ensures that none of the gang members comes to rescue him.

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In the last mission The Fine Art Of Conversation, Arthur accepts the request of Rains Fall to join him for the peace meeting with Colonel Favours. Later he learned about the conspiracy against Captain Monroe at the army tent and takes a radical step to flee with Captain. The next main mission walkthrough will be Goodbye, Dear Friend. To start visit Saloon in Saint-Denis to meet Dutch and Mrs. Adler. Sadie is sipping a few shots of wine to enjoy the capital punishment of Colm O’Driscolls. Dutch wants to ensure that his old friend gets what he deserved.

Goodbye, Dear Friend Walkthrough

The Gold Medal rewards will cost three things, the first one is to find Colm’s backup in less than 45 seconds, second is get around 8 headshots using a long scoped rifle and the last one is to wrap up everything within 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Meet Dutch & Mrs. Adler | Goodbye, Dear Friend


Once you enter the Saloon the cutscene will reveal Dutch & Mrs. Adler are waiting for Arthur. Mrs. Adler sipping alcohol and Dutch had already arranged the disguise to attend the event. His plan is to be ensuring his old enemy gets what he deserved. Dutch and Arthur will dressed as cops and walk through the alley to reach the venue. Follow Dutch and Mrs. Adler, there is nothing much to do at this point. Arthur will discuss Dutch’s temper who points to stay cool.

Find Colm’s Backup | Goodbye, Dear Friend


You will arrive at the execution spot, there is a crowd standing in front of the stage. Dutch notices something fishy, there are O’Driscolls men in the crowd and they are pointing towards a building. Dutch and Arthur forwards to investigate it. Dutch will take you to a building entrance where you will spot two men talking. The dialogue reveals they have a guy on the roof overlooking the gallows. He is probably going to screw up Dutch’s dream.


Dutch will tell you to go up and stop the man. To find a way on the rooftop, go straight and cross the fountain. You will see the stairs in the left end. Go up and exit to the balcony. Walk right and climb on the balcony roof, turn around and climb on another balcony. Walk to the end, the stairs will take you to the roof. Go to the end and look right, you will spot the bag.

Pick-up the rifle and observe the hanging | Goodbye, Dear Friend

Arthur will be attacked by the man once he starts investigating the bag, this will trigger a knife fight. After killing take the rifle and observe the hanging. Cops are ready for the hanging, in a small cutscene you will see Dutch and Mrs. Adler blocks Colms men in the crowd. After the hanging Mrs. Adler will lose her temper kill one of the men in rage. This will trigger a gunfight, from the roof shoot down Colm’s men. Remember to earn gold you need 8 headshots.

Help Dutch & Sadie To Escape | Goodbye, Dear Friend


Keep your scope towards Dutch and Mrs. Adler, their path is blocked by the enemies. By killing them you will help them to escape. Start from the right end, Dutch and Mrs. Adler are taking cover behind a chair. Start shooting from the right end and once both moves keep looking left toward the entrance. You will find two more, in the gate area. Clear the stage area and go left there is another entrance. Kill a few more till you see a wagon. You have to keep shooting until Dutch and Mrs. Adler boards the wagon and escapes the venue.

Colm O’Driscolls is dead, the gang had its revenge. At the camp, Arthur gets a letter from Mary, with a photo and a ring. The mission Goodbye, Dear Friend ends here. You can read our next walkthrough on mission Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow. To begin to meet Sadie outside Annesburg.

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