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The Spines of America Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

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In The Spines of America Walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, Seamus will tell you to loot a house and stagecoach. To get Gold Medal in The Spines of America, you have to loot everything from Carmody Dell, and don’t get spotted.

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You saved Jamie in the last mission We Loved Once and True. In this The Spines of America Walkthrough, you will have to meet Hosea at Emerald Ranch. You will find Hosea talking to a man Seamus who will tell him to loot a house to prove that they are worthy enough for a job. You will have to loot a house and a stagecoach and bring it back to Seamus. You will need to pick from Day or Night to kick off the robbery.

The Spines of America Walkthrough

The Spines of America Walkthrough

For the Gold Medal you will have to loot everything from Carmody Dell. The second condition is to stay hidden if you are spotted you won’t earn the medal. And the last condition is to deliver the wagon to Emerald Ranch within 1 minute 10 seconds.

Talk To Hosea

Hosea is talking to Seamus and he will tell you to steal stagecoach from his cousin. He will give you the location of the house. Follow Hosea or you can go with the yellow line on the map. Stay with Hosea or else the mission will fail. After riding for a while Hosea will ask you to go on foot. Follow him and once you spot the house verify it with binoculars.

Loot The House


Hosea is talking to Seamus and he will tell you to steal stagecoach from his cousin. He will give you the location of the house. Follow Hosea, once you are near enough look the house through binoculars and watch around. You can loot the house day or night. You will have a choice her to pick from Day or Night. It does matter which time you pick, anyhow you will need Hosea’s help.

If you go with Day then Hosea will try to distract the owners, and if you pick Night then you will have to go to the back side of the house from the left side. There is backdoor you can use to enter. You can also go from the main door. But backside is safer and hosea will go to find the wagon. During night enemies are sleep so you can avoid combat. You will have to loot everything.

Go inside and check each and every chest, table drawers, items on small tables, fireplace, things near windows, etc. You will need to rob till you get $45 worth of items. The room with fire place which also has the main door has a chest on the right of the door. The chest will give $16 worth of items you can find a Pearl Necklace and $12 in it.

There is a small table near the window on the right of chest it has a Kentucky Bourbon whisky bottle. There is a bedroom attached to this room look for the door on the right of fireplace. There is someone sleeping on the bed, open the chest and you will get Platinum Band and $12.00. Now inspect the drawers on the table on right, you will get a Gold Pocket Watch on the top drawer. That’s it this would enough to give you $45. Exit the house and meet Hosea.

If you want to fulfill the gold medal requirement you can loot everything. But you will need to search everything all rooms in the ground floor and on the upper one. If you want $150 then go in the kitchen and look under the fireplace. Go outside and talk to Hosea.

Return to Seamus

Hosea will be waiting with the stagecoach outside board with him and exit the place. He will be waiting outside the house. Return to Seamus and park the stagecoach in the barn. Seamus will tell Hosea that you can now sell coaches to him. This is the end of the mission.

You can read our walkthrough on the next main mission Pouring Forth Oil. For this you will have to talk to John at the camp. He will tell you about a train heist that you heard during the mission Polite Society, Valentine Style when you visited the town of Valentine for the first time. While drinking outside with Uncle one of the women of your gang informed you about train full of rich passengers. The next main mission will be based on this.

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