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Polite Society, Valentine Style Walkthrough

In the final mission Eastward Bound of Chapter 1 Colter, the gang discovered a new campsite that unlocks tons of task and side-objectives. This will also unlock the open-world scenario where you can wander around in the nearby towns talk to people for a new task and do various things. To continue our progress, we move to Polite Society, Valentine Style Walkthrough, the first mission of Chapter 2: Horseshoe Overlook. To trigger Polite Society, Valentine Style mission, you will have to talk to an Uncle you meet.

Polite Society, Valentine Style Walkthrough

Polite Society, Valentine Style Walkthrough

The gold medal challenge of this quest is to return the lost wagon horse to its owner and locate Karen within 45 seconds.

Ride To Valentine


You can find Uncle behind the wagon of Dutch, just keep walking and pass a table. There is another one parked in the forest region, and the man is lying near the wheels. Interact with him to trigger this mission. While you are talking a few women will ask you to take them to the nearby town of Valentine. Once you accept to follow the yellow path on the minimap.

Help The Coach Driver

Drive the wagon until you spot a man driving his wagon and the horses break through. This one is a mission where you can earn a Gold Medal. Catch the horses and return them to the wagon. Go near the white horse, approach slowly and press L2/Triangle to return it back to the wagon.

Follow Uncle

Return back to your wagon to continue to Valentine. Once you reach the town follow Uncle, he will take you to a general store. The first thing you have to do is buy a coffee or cigar. You can buy things from the shelves. There are different interactions for different players. If uncle tells you top pick Cigar then it will boost your Dead Eye core, but it will do a little damage to your Stamina core. You can also buy Stamina and health regeneration things from the shop. After the purchase in the cutscene, you will see Arthur and Uncle talking outside the shop. After sipping a few shots of whiskey you will pass out and later one of the women whom you dropped in town will return with some info. She will tell you about a train that is filled with rich passenger coming soon. The train will pass through a deserted country Scarlett Meadows near New Hanover.

Help The Girls Tilly and Karen

Next, you will see Tilly, one of the girl begin grabbed by a man. You will need to help her. You will have a choice between Diffuse or Intervene. If you pick the first one the man will walkway by warning the women. Next, you will have to search Karen in the hotel, you can ask the hotel owner to locate her faster. From the place where you left Tilly, look left and takes the first door. She is on the second floor in room 2B. You will have to break the door and fight the main inside.

Chase The Man From Blackwater.

Get outside and in the cutscene, you will see a man pointing Arthur who recognized him from Blackwater. Chase him, he will fall from his horse. You will have a choice to Aim Weapon, Question a, d Kill. He will be hanging on the edge of the cliff.  If you choose to help the man you will earn Honor he will give you a steel pen.

If you save him Jimmy Brooks will be happy and agree that he never saw him before. This is the end of mission Polite Society, Valentine Style. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission Americans at Rest. You can trigger this by finding Javier in the Saloon in Valentine.

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