Remnant 2: How Many Bosses Are There? Answered

Discover Remnant 2’s bosses and their locations in this comprehensive guide. Prepare for epic battles!

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Remnant 2 is a blast to play, thanks to its addicting loot and excellent build customization. It’s easy to get lost while gunning down several enemies, as the game encourages you to shoot and slice through enemies. What’s challenging to slice through are the bosses themselves, who are lurking behind several corners in-game. The age-old question of “if there are any hard enemies” is definitely a yes in this game, so let’s check out the who and where for these bosses.

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All Remnant 2 World Bosses & Locations

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World bosses are a special type of boss found in Remnant II. These are the only bosses that aren’t randomized. However, Regular bosses are random and generally found in certain locations. Aberrations are considered mini-bosses and are noticeable due to their red glow. Each location in Remnant II has a unique roster of bosses available:

Boss TypeNameWorldLocation
World BossFaerinLosomnMalefic Gallery
World BossFaelinLosomnBeatific Gallery
World BossThe NightweaverLosomnThe Tormented Asylum
BossGwendil: The UnburntLosomnAt the end of Cotton’s Kiln
BossThe CouncilLosomnCouncil Chamber
BossBloat kingLosomnThe Great Sewers
BossMagister DullanLosomnShattered Gallery
BossThe HuntressLosomnBrocwithe Quarter
Forsaken Quarter
BossThe Red PrinceLosomnGilded Chambers
AberrationsGrime CrawlerLosomnButcher’s Quarter
Cotton’s Kiln
AberrationsThe ExecutionerLosomnCouncil Chamber
The Great Hall
Shattered Gallery
Gilded Chambers
AberrationsRipsawLosomnMorrow Parish
AberrationsFirth: The OathkeeperLosomnMalefic Palace
AberrationsBarghest the VileLosomnHarvester’s Reach
World BossSha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’ErudN’erudSentinel’s Keep
World BossTal RathaN’erudForgotten Prison (refuse to be eaten)
World BossTal Ratha (Metaphysical)N’erudForgotten Prison
BossThe AstropathN’erudAstropath’s Respite
BossThe Custodian’s EyeN’erudN’Erud
BossPrimogenitorN’erudThe Hatchery
BossAbominationN’erudN’Erud – The Putrid Domain
AberrationsFetid CorpseN’erudVoid Vessel Facility
AberrationsRestless SpiritN’erudTerminus Station, Tower of the Unseen
AberrationsW.D. 109N’erudVoid Vessel Facility
The Putrid Domain
Vault of the Formless
The Hatchery
The Dark Conduit
AberrationsThe ProgenyN’erudThe Hatchery
The Dark Conduit
The Putrid Domain
Void Vessel Facility
AberrationsE.D. AlphaN’erudTower of the Unseen
World BossCorruptorYaeshaThe Great Bole
World BossCorrupted RavagerYaeshaRavager’s Lair
BossKaeula’s ShadowYaeshaKaeula’s Rest
BossMother MindYaeshaThe Nameless Nest
BossLegionYaeshaThe Twisted Chantry
BossShrewdYaeshaThe Expanding Glade
AberrationsDefilerYaeshaForgotten Field
AberrationsRotYaeshaThe Chimney
The Twisted Chantry
AberrationsWitherYaeshaThe Lament after solving the Consort’s Puzzle
AberrationsMantagoraYaeshaImperial Gardens
AberrationsThe Weald Stalker and The Gnarled ArcherYaeshaForgotten Field
The Expanding Glade
Imperial Gardens
Nameless Nest
AberrationsFesterYaeshaEndaira’s End: Inside of the Pan Labyrinth
AberrationsAtrophyYaeshaEndaira’s End
World BossLabyrinth SentinelThe LabyrinthThe Labyrinth
AberrationsBastionThe LabyrinthThe Labyrinth in the secret area heading to find the Labyrinth Staff
World BossAnnihilationRoot EarthBlackened Citadel
BossCancerRoot EarthAshen Wasteland
BossVenomRoot EarthCorrupted Harbor
BossBaneRoot EarthTwilight Vale: Interact with the Walker’s Dream consumable.