Remnant 2: How To Farm Scrap – Best Rings, Amulets, & Location

Looking to line your pockets in Remnant 2? Here’s every item you need to start farming scrap in Remnant 2.

nerud scrap farm remnant

You need more scrap, don’t you? With Wallace charging 1,000 scrap for integral upgrades, McCabe forcing you to cough up hundreds for mods and boss weapons, and your best friend Cass robbing you for whatever junk she finds in the wild – it’s a wonder how anyone affords anything in Remnant 2’s scrap economy.

Luckily, there are reliable methods of farming scrap. You’ll need the right tools, of course. A ring, an amulet, and the correct locations. But once you’re set up, Remnant 2 scrap farming is a simple rinse-and-repeat process that nets thousands of scrap in little time at all.

Remnant 2: Best Gear For Farming Scrap

For the best results, players will need to have access to Yaesha, N’Erud, and The Labyrinth. The best farming spot is on The Labyrinth, but you’ll need gear from Yaesha and N’Erud before you should even begin to think about farming scrap.

Best Scrap Farming Ring: Vacuum Seal Ring

remnant 2 vacuum seal ring
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Vacuum Seal Ring is one of the most convenient rings to have equipped, and that’s not just when farming scrap in Remnant 2. This bad boy makes picking up items super easy and can make playing through each world feel like a scrap farming experience.

It’s simple to walk past or overlook items, especially when in the fray of battle, but the Vacuum Seal Ring greatly increases the range at which items are automatically picked up. This doesn’t apply to ammo, but it does make collecting Scrap, Iron, and other mob drops a lot easier.

Here’s the bad news. The Vacuum Seal Ring is a random world drop, which means it could appear in any of the purple item spawn points across N’Erud. I was lucky enough to snag it on my first run of the planetoid spaceship, but other players may not be so lucky.

Best Scrap Farming Amulet: Scavengers Bauble

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Scavenger’s Bauble is a two-for-one Amulet, making it one of the best items to have while farming crafting materials or scrap. Firstly, it increases the scrap pickups by 50%. And its second superpower is picking up crafting materials automatically.

Yes, the Vacuum Seal also does this, but if you haven’t found the ring just yet, the Scavenger’s Bauble will suffice. We do recommend you get the Vacuum Seal Ring, as it will save time in the long run, but the Bauble is the key player to Scrap Farming in Remnant 2.

More bad news. The Scavenger’s Bauble is yet another random world drop. You’ll need to scour Yaesha and check all of the purple item spawns to find this amulet. Let’s just hope your luck is better than mine, as I’m two rerolls in and still haven’t found it.

Liquid Espace… Just Trust Me

remnant 2 liquid escape
Screenshot by Gamepur

You may not use Liquid Escape much during your playthrough. It’s the Remnant 2 equivalent of Dark Souls’ Homeward Bone. You drink it – you die – you respawn. And luckily, everyone starts the game with this item.

To make your framing experience faster, equip this to your QuickSlot. That way, when you’ve finished your farming path, you can pop the cork and be sent back to the start.

Best Scrap Farming Locations In Remnant 2

Now, you can use these locations to farm scrap in Remnant 2 without the gear listed above, but your results won’t be as spectacular. Regardless, here are the best scrap farming spots in Remnant 2.

The Labyrinth – Fractured Ingress

Remnant 2 the labyrinth

The Fractured Ingress is the location in The Labyrinth that houses the portal to other worlds. It also has the shortest walk-back to farm the same mini-boss over and over. You don’t even really need to use the Liquid Escape here.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to farm scrap in The Labyrinth:

  1. Start at The Fractured Ingress
  2. Head left up the stairs
  3. Enter the courtyard with the world portals
  4. Defeat the Elite Golem & pick up drops
  5. Return to checkpoint

Depending on how fast you defeat the Golem, each cycle can take 1-2 minutes, and the process is sped up significantly if playing with friends.

Yaesha – Faithless Thicket

Remnant 2 yaesha map

Running the same tiny route over and over can become tiresome quickly, so here’s one that works just as well and also has a dual purpose. Faithless Thicket is a very large area that is densely packed with enemies. Several elite enemies are also present, making it a great place to farm Lumenite Crystals and Iron.

In comparison to The Labyrinth, the Faithless Thicket farm is a lot more active and dangerous. It also takes longer to complete a route, but there’s a lot more potential for elite encounters seeing as three or more spawn each cycle. And to get back to the beginning, pop your Liquid Escape.

But wait, there’s more! There’s also a chance for a Blood Moon to appear, making this a scrap farm and a Blood Moon Essence farm.