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Remnant 2: How to Solve Plinth Puzzle in The Lament

The Plinth puzzle in The Lament can be tricky to solve in Remnant 2, but this guide shows you how to find the solution.

Several puzzles await you throughout the worlds and locations you can explore in Remnant 2. While working your way through The Lament, on Yaesha, there’s a puzzle where you need to activate a Plinth, and unlock a door to a blocked-off area. The only way to barge your way through this area is to solve the puzzle.

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Inside the same room of the Plinth puzzle are several glowing gravestones. These match the same symbols on the Plinth, but you’ll need to activate them in a specific order. Tracking down the correct order can be a bit of a challenge. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve the Plinth Puzzle in The Lament in Remnant 2.

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Plinth Puzzle Solution for The Lament in Remnant 2

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For my playthrough, I started on the ground floor of the Lament and went exploring next to the gravestones. There, you’ll find the body of one of the Yaesha locals, and it’ll be next to the book. Examine the book, and you can read through the pages if you’d like. However, the main focus you want to look at is the symbol on the front page. This symbol will vary for your Remnant 2 playthrough and the roll of the world, so it likely won’t be the same as mine, but it very well could be.

This symbol is the symbol you need to focus on. Now, visit all of the bodies wrapped up in this area. The bodies have a distinct blanket around them, and they’re going to have unique symbols on the front. You need to find the symbol that matches the one you saw on the front page of the book and memorize what it is. Again, this will vary for your Remnant 2 playthrough. Keep track of which blankets had the same symbols as yours, and pay attention to the glowing stones above their heads. A handy way to keep track is to take a screenshot or even a photo of each one with your phone. These symbols might be familiar to other puzzles on Yaesha, such as the Music Box, before you go and battle the Ravager.

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Return to the top of the room to interact with the Plinth. You need to input the symbols correctly and ensure those are the symbols above the graves within the tomb. For my Remnant 2 playthrough, I went around the room, starting to the left of the entrance and then the right side, and finally inputted the symbols on the top row. After placing them in, I activated the Plinth and opened the door.

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I’m unsure if there is a particular order for the Plinth in Remnant 2. I completed this puzzle on my first try and followed the order I shared in this article. Again, this might vary for your playthrough, but so long as you match the symbols with the bodies wrapped around with the ones that match the logo on the front page of the book, you can open up this area.

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