Remnant 2: How to Unlock the Alchemist Archetype

The Alchemist Archetype takes some luck to unlock in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you the fastest way to do it on every playthrough.

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There are multiple Archetypes that you can unlock as you progress through Remnant 2. Your character’s Archetype is their unique class, giving them access to powerful perks and abilities that can come in handy during a fight. A tricky Archetype to track down is the Alchemist.

The Alchemist Archetype is not one of the starting ones you can select, and you will need to go out of your way to find it. You might not get it on your first playthrough, but you can make it yours if you’re willing to put your nose to the grindstone. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2.

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Where to Get The Alchemist Archetype in Remnant 2

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The trick to unlocking the Alchemist Archetype is within the Ironborough. This is a location in Remnant 2’s Losomn biome, and there’s a bit of luck involved. It comes down to exploring the entrance of the open sewers that you find throughout the city, and you need to get close to these sewers.

More often than not, nothing will happen when you approach these sewers. However, there’s a chance a large, rat-like creature will burst out from the entrance of these sewers, pull your character in with them, and drag them away. You’ll hear the death sound that you typically hear in Remnant 2 when your character has died, and you’ll wake up in a large bone pile, which is the creature’s lair.

Unfortunately, the exact location of the correct sewer entrance does not appear to be uniform across playthroughs. In our experience, it happened somewhere in the Ironborough district. However, this location may vary as it all depends on the roll of the world for your Remannt 2 playthrough. Regardless, it will happen somewhere in Losomn.

I had to travel to several areas before finding the correct sewer and was dragged away to earn my Alchemist Archetype prize. The process can feel exhausting, but it’s worth it.

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When you arrive at the boneyard, your character will be lying on the ground, and they will remain motionless until you move. When you do, make your way into the larger arena, and you’ll face off with the beast to the left of you, and the two of you can duke it out. Although it’s not a boss, the creature is essentially considered an elite enemy in Remnant 2, so don’t take it lightly.

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After you beat the creature, it will drop the Mysterious Stone, which you can take back to Ward 13 and unlock the Alchemist Class. Feel free to try out this class with your preferred setup and see how you like it with your build. Even if you don’t like the Archetype, the Alchemist could be fun to try in future Remnant 2 runs.

Remnant 2 Alchemist Features

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If you are planning to go through the effort of getting the Alchemist Archetype, it’s probably worth knowing what you’ll be getting, so we’ve compiled all the details on this Archetype here so you know what to expect.

The Alchemist is a support and utility Archetype, and its abilities and perks are centered around buffs and support for your team and yourself. It also has a focus on Concoctions, allowing players with this Archetype to make the most of these potion-like items.

Below we have listed all the different Perks, Skills, and the unique Trait of the Alchemist, including details on what each of these perks and abilities will do for your character.

Alchemist Trait

The Alchemist’s unique Trait is Potency, which increases the duration of consumables by a certain amount of time, depending on your level. Starting at level 1, this increase will be 10% and will increase by another 10% with each level you put into the trait until level 10, which will be a 100% increase and double your consumable duration.

Alchemist Perks

Prime Perk – Spirited

  • Alchemist can have 1 additional Concoction buff active.
    • Upgrade (Level 5): Alchemist can have 2 additional Concoction buff active.
    • Upgrade (Level 10): Alchemist can have 3 additional Concoction Buffs active.

Damage Perk – Liquid Courage

  • Gain a 2.5% increase to All Damage that Increases with Alchemist Level.
    • Upgrade (Level 6): Grants a 25% increase to All Damage and 5% Critical Chance
    • Available at level 1.

Team Perk – Panacea

  • Curative effects apply to all allies within 15m and grant 15 additional Resistance.
    • Upgrade (level 7): Allies affected by Panacea gain +10% Status and Blight Resistance.
    • Available at level 2.

Utility Perk – Gold to Lead

  • Picking up Scrap has a 15% chance to also award Ammo to the Alchemist.
    • Upgrade (level 8): Picking up Scrap or Metals also has a 15% chance to award Ammo to the Alchemist.
    • Available at level 3.

Relic Perk – Experimentalist

  • Using a Relic applies a random buff on the Alchemist for 30 seconds. Cannot be overridden.
    • Upgrade (level 9): Using a Relic applies a random buff to the Alchemist and allies within 20m for 60 seconds. Cannot be overridden.
    • Available at level 4.

Alchemist Skills

Vial: Stone Mist

  • Creates a mysterious vapor cloud which lasts 10 seconds and applies STONESKIN. STONESKIN reduces incoming damage by 25%, greatly increases Blight Buildup Decay Rate, reduces Stagger by l, and makes the target immune to Status Effects. Lasts 15 seconds. Cooldown: 72 seconds
    • PRESS: Slam Vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet.
    • HOLD & RELEASE: Aim and throw the Vial causing the same effect where it lands.
    • Available at level 1.

Vial: Frenzy Dust

  • Creates a mysterious vapor cloud which lasts 10 seconds and applies FRENZIED. FRENZlED increases Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Melee Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 15%. Lasts 15 seconds. Cooldown: 72 seconds.
    • PRESS: Slam Vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet.
    • HOLD & RELEASE: Aim and throw the Vial causing the same effect where it lands.
    • Available at level 5

Vial: Elixir of Life

  • Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts 10 seconds and applies LIVING WILL. LIVING WILL grants 5 Health Regeneration per second, and automatically protects against fatal damage while active. Can revive downed players if it heals them to full when downed. Lasts 20 seconds.
    • Revived allies cannot be affected by Living Will for 180 seconds.
    • PRESS: Slam Vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet.
    • HOLD & RELEASE: Aim and throw the Vial causing the same effect where it lands. Cooldown: 86.4 seconds.
    • Available at level 10