Reverse 1999: Matilda’s School Report (Riddle Solution)

Matilda Bouanich is a pretty minor character, but Matilda’s School Report riddle is giving me a major headache in Reverse: 1999.

Matilda's School Report Riddle Solved

Screenshot by Gamepur

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I picked up Reverse 1999 because I had read it was a gacha game in which you had to play your cards right to win. Nobody mentioned overly obscure riddles involving math.

Gacha games with cute characters? Love ’em. Math, on the other hand, is a no-no for me. There is a reason I’m a writer. And while the Matilda School Report riddle in Reverse 1999 doesn’t actually involve hard math, the second I realize I need to use numbers to solve a riddle, I’d just like to turn my brain off. Alas, the completionist in me won’t let me go on without getting this riddle out of the way. Here’s every clue to solve the Matilda School Report riddle in Reverse 1999.

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All Clues to Solve the Matilda School Report Riddle in Reverse 1999

Matilda's School Report Riddle Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

By reading the Matilda School Report riddle and applying the info you know about her, you can pick up a few clues to provide the right answer:

‘The sheet is a school report, and the signature block says “Matilda Bouanich.” The score has been blackened on purpose, and you can only see a jotting: “The number of points I needed to reach full marks is exactly the number implied by h-h-her name. Why? Why?!

Here is every clue you should keep in mind to solve Matilda’s School Report riddle in Reverse 1999:

  • The score can be anywhere from 1 to 100. The grading system isn’t based on letters but on numbers.
  • Matilda is a child who is “destined for greatness.” She’s intelligent, well-studied, and talented, so her score can’t be far from 100.
  • “h-h-her name” refers to Sonetto’s name. Sonetto, just for your information, means sonnet in Italian. A Sonnet is a poem with 14 lines.

If you don’t feel like connecting those dots yourself, I’ll just give you the answer so you can move on to boss fights and timed-event puzzles. You know, the things that actually matter in a game like Reverse 1999.

Reverse 1999: Matilda School Report Riddle, Answered

Matilda's School Report Riddle Answer Reverse 1999
Screenshot by Gamepur

The correct answer to the Matilda School Report riddle in Reverse 1999 is 86. That’s Matilda Bouanich’s school report score.

If you’re looking at the sentence above going “but why?,” allow me to elaborate: “Her name” refers to Sonneto, a character whose name references a 14-line poem. You’re meant to take the highest possible score, 100, and subtract 14. According to my calculator, 100 – 14 equals 86, which is Matilda Bouanich’s score in the school report.

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