Reverse 1999: Plan of Escape Route Puzzle Solution

Solving Reverse 1999’s plan of escape route puzzle is like that pipe game, but the stakes are much higher.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Though the main enemy of Reverse 1999 is this storm that’s causing everyone to disappear, your actual biggest enemy will be these mind-bending puzzles.

In Reverse 1999, you’ll be putting your characters to good use in the best possible party (or parties) to beat one enemy after the next. However, unless you’re going for complex combat phases in Limbo, you won’t have much trouble cutting through Reverse 1999‘s fighting sections. Instead, you’ll find yourself stuck in event puzzles and specific word riddles. Look, I don’t know nor care about how many older sisters Schneider has, okay? I’m just here for the cute character collectathon. During Reverse 1999‘s chapter 3, you’ll run into the Plan of Escape Route puzzle, which demands that you create a map to escape an area covered with smoke. 

How to Solve Plan of Escape Route in Reverse 1999

R1999 plan of escape puzzle solution
Screenshot by Gamepur

To solve the Plan an Escape Route puzzle in Reverse 1999, rotate the paths to get from one point of interest (the Xs) to another

The image above outlines the solution to the Plan of Escape Route puzzle. Still, here is a step-by-step guide of how to get there:

Visual ReferenceInstructions
Rotate the straight path next to the first X, so it’s vertical.
Rotate the L-shaped path below the first X so it’s facing downward.
Rotate the L-shaped path below that one so it’s facing to the right. This should color the entire path up until the fifth X orange.
Rotate the L-shaped path to the fifth X’s left to look more like a T.
Leave the one directly to the left untouched, and rotate the L-shaped path above so it faces the left and connects to the fourth X.
Move to the L-shaped path left to the fourth X. Leave this one untouched, but rotate the one above to face the left.
Rotate the L-shaped path directly left to it until it’s facing upward.
Rotate the straight path above so it connects to the third X.
Rotate the L-shaped path to the third X’s right once to complete the escape route puzzle in Reverse 1999.

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By following these instructions, you’ll get a safe route that connects all Xs. While there are no rewards for clearing this puzzle, the completionist in you can now live in peace. As well as the people you rescued, too, sure.