Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Guide: Unlimited Lunar Coins Cheat

All the Lunar Coins you could ever need.

Risk of Rain 2

Lunar Coins are quite important in Risk of Rain 2. You use them at the Bazaar Between Realms to buy items or unlock a new Survivor. You can also use them at the small Lunar Flowers you can find in some levels to get access to some pretty powerful items. You usually need to grind them out, but there is a way to get them that is quite similar to the cheat that allows you to unlock all the characters.

Lunar Coins Cheat

Lunar Coins

To take advantage of the Lunar Coins cheat, you will need to take the following steps;

  • Go to the Steam folder located on the C drive. It will normally be at C:> Program Files (x86) unless you have previously changed it.
  • Go to Userdata.
  • Open the only folder that should be in there.
  • Go the folder called 632360 (this is the Risk of Rain 2 folder)
  • Open the Remote folder.
  • Open the UserProfiles Folder.
  • You will see an XML file. Open this using Notepad.
  • Very early in the file (4 lines down in mine), you will see <coin></coin>, with the number of coins you currently own between the two sets of brackets.
  • If you cannot find it, open the Edit menu, then click on find. Type “coin” into the box, and hit “Find Next”.
  • Change that value to whatever you want it to be. For example <coin>20</coin> will give you 20 Lunar Coins.
  • Now, save the file and start the game and you will have that amount of Lunar Coins.

So, there you go! Another quick and easy cheat for this wonderful game. Now that you know how to use the Lunar Coins Cheat don’t forget to stay picking them up when they drop in the game, you can never have enough of those sweet Lunar Coins.