Roblox Anime Souls Simulator Codes (February 2023)

Become the pirate king!

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Roblox Anime Souls Simulator is a game where players can collect their favorite anime characters and fight some of the greatest villains in their shows. You just have to click a lot and you will have the chance to become the most powerful player in the game.

Since this is a simulation game, players will need to get a lot of resources. This is why you might need the boost that a code or two can give you. Luckily, there are a few codes you can use in Roblox Anime Souls Simulator right at the start of your playthrough.

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All Roblox Anime Souls Simulator Codes List

Last updated: February 3, 2023

Added a new code.

Roblox Anime Souls Simulator Codes (Working)

  • subpaidos — Unlocks: 10 Spins (New)
  • 35klikes — Unlocks: Potions and Energy (New)
  • sorryforkaido — Unlocks: Potions and Energy (New)
  • update2 — Unlocks: Potions and Energy
  • 10kfavorites — Unlocks: Potions and Energy
  • freespins — Unlocks: x3 skill spins
  • 15klikes — Unlocks: a skill Potion and 3 Energy Potions
  • OPENSAMU — Unlocks: 100 Energy & Free Damage

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Roblox Anime Souls Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • upd1.5 – 30 Souls and 1 Spin
  • 15klikes – 3 skill spins and 1 potion
  • sorryforshutdowns – 1 Luck potion
  • 5KLIKES – 2 skill spins and 1 luck potion
  • freespins – 3 skill spins (NEW)
  • 1KLIKES – 150 souls and 1 souls potion
  • 1KACTIVES – 2 energy potions
  • 1KFAVORITES  – 1 luck potion
  • 50KVISITS – 1 damage potion
  • 1KMEMBERS – 50 souls and 1 energy potion
  • OPENSAMU – 100 energy and one damage point
  • RELEASE – 50 souls and one luck potion

How to redeem codes in Roblox Anime Souls Simulator

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the step below to redeem Roblox Anime Souls Simulator codes:

  1. Launch Roblox Anime Souls Simulator on your device.
  2. Click the Twitter verified button on the left part of the screen, shown with the arrow above.
  3. In the “ENTER CODE” space, paste one of the codes above.
  4. Press the arrow next to the Enter Code space.

How can you get more Roblox Anime Souls Simulator codes?

You can do a few things to get more Roblox Anime Souls Simulator codes. You can follow the game’s developer on Twitter and watch for any tweets with new codes which will have Roblox Anime Souls linked. Or, you can just check the page of the game on Roblox, as it has all of the codes listed there at the moment.

Why are my Roblox Anime Souls Simulator codes not working?

There are two main reasons Roblox Anime Souls Simulator codes are not working for you. The main reason is that you might be making a typo when entering the codes. When copying the codes from our page, make sure that you don’t leave a blank space after the code has been pasted in Roblox.

What is Roblox Anime Souls Simulator?

Roblox Anime Souls Simulator is a simulation game where you have to click to collect energy. Energy is your attack damage in this game and it will allow you to defeat villains from popular anime like Naruto and One Piece. By defeating villains you will get souls, which can then be used to get heroes from these anime to help you fight and increase your energy growth.