Roblox Fart Race codes (March 2023)

Get a load of this or get yours out!

Image via Game Geek Studio

Roblox Fart Race is what it sounds like; you need to collect various colored poops to build pressure and stand on the platform to fart and race. The more pressure you accumulate, the farther you will go and earn coins to spend.

Getting those coins gets easier as you upgrade your character and pressure power. There are also codes that will help you get a quick start in the game. These codes reward you with things like pets and toilets, which are listed below.

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List of all codes in Roblox Fart Race

Working codes in Roblox Fart Race

  • 60KGOOD — Reward: Thunder Toilet (New)
  • CODE — Reward: Thunder Toilet
  • 30KYEAH — Reward: Thunder Toilet
  • 10000SUPER — Reward: Glider Toilet
  • 3000LIKE — Reward: Glider Toilet
  • 1000FART — Reward: Octopus Toilet
  • HAPPY100 — Reward: Pet
  • 500TOILET — Reward: Toilet

Expired codes in Roblox Fart Race

  • There are no expired codes for the game.

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Roblox Fart Race: How to redeem codes

Screenshot by Gamepur

To redeem codes in Roblox Fart Race, click on the Codes button on the left side of your screen. A pop-up to enter the codes will appear, where you can type the code you want to redeem. After entering the code, click on the redeem button to get your rewards.

What are the places to get codes for Roblox Fart Race

The game’s Roblox page is the best place to get more Roblox Fart Race codes, as developer Game Geek Studio always lists all new and working codes for players there. There is also a Discord server for the game where you can check for exclusive codes and talk to others.

Why are Roblox Fart Race codes not working

Two main reasons are stopping you from redeeming those poopy codes. The first and the common reason is typos. When you enter the codes, make sure to pay special attention to letter case and characters. If you are sure you entered the code correctly and it’s still not working, chances are the code has already expired.

How to mount and dismount toilet seat in Roblox Fart Race

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you start playing Roblox Fart Race, you will be on a toilet seat and will be going around like that. But you can walk normally if you dismount it. There is a dedicated button, Ride for that, on the bottom right side of your screen. To mount it back, click the same button.

Is Roblox Fart Race worth playing?

It depends on your taste; if you like a bit of laughter and want to try something like that, go for it. On the other hand, if you don’t like the game’s name or the whole idea surrounding it, you might want to skip this one. You can always try our best pick for the best race games on Roblox.